Who is the Black Fleshlight Girl?

Misty Stone Black Mocha Fleshlight

Update: I think this pictures confirms that Misty Stone is the new and first black Fleshlight Girl!
Misty Stone Fleshlight First black FLG

I will be writing a longer post with videos and pictures of Misty Stone and all of her new Mocha Fleshlights when I get my hands on more information. Stayed tuned!

There has been a lot of talk in the forums about the possibility of Fleshlight.com adding a black pornstar to their Fleshlight Girls line. You can already find most ethnicities in their FLG line, everything but a black afro-american girl. There are a lot of good candidates for the first Afro-American Fleshlight, here is a list of my favorite black pornstar actresses that I would like to see get their own custom mocha colored Fleshlight:

  • Jada Fire
  • Vanessa Blue
  • Isis Taylor
  • Misty Stone
  • Marie Luv
  • So who is the Black Fleshlight Girl?

    In a video posted on Youtube you can see who the next black Fleshlight girl is if you look closely. If you stop the video, zoom in and looked really close you can definitely see Misty Stone and her curly afro along the other pornstars on the wall of Fleshlights.
    Misty Stone black Fleshlight girlMisty Stone Mouth Anal and Pussy Fleshlight

    Is Misty Stone the new Fleshlight girl?

    This has yet to be confirmed or denied by Fleshlight.com but I’m 99% sure that we’ll see a Misty Stone Fleshlight in a couple of weeks or so.
    Misty Stone’s Fleshlight will of course be molded straight from her mouth, vagina and butthole just like the other FLG products but it will also come with the same color as Misty’s Skin. You might remember the Mocha Fleshlight that was available a couple of years ago, Misty’s Fleshlight Orifices is going to look close to that but more realistic and life like.

    Misty Stones Fleshlight will come with all her holes just like the Stoya Fleshlight did when it was released back in June. So you will be able to enjoy Misty Stones Mouth, Pussy and her Asshole! I’m not even sure if Misty Stone does anal scenes so you can literally be the first to fuck her in the ass. I think my favorite is going to be Misty Stone’s Mouth Fleshlight. Her thick juicy lips makes for a perfect cock sucking mouth. Since nothing about the new Misty Stone Fleshlight has been announced officially yet I don’t have any videos or product pictures to share but I’ll post a story with more details about the black Fleshlight Girl about it as soon as the news is official. But I’m pretty sure that you will be able to buy all three of them for a discount price when they are made available.
    I hope that Misty gets her own exciting custom Fleshlight Texture, maybe a her own Blowjob Texture similar to the Swallow? That would be really nice!

    News Update:
    This was posted just a couple of weeks ago during the 3rd Annual Urban X Awards:

    Stone recently inked a deal for her own line of mocha-colored Fleshlights and is jetting off to Texas this week to get molds of her vagina, mouth, and ass cast. The announcement marks two new firsts for the company: the first Fleshlight featuring an African-American performer, and the first performer to offer three custom molds.
    The special mocha line will be exclusive to Stone, feature her creamy mocha skin tone, and bear her signature on the device and the special aluminum “Fleshlight Girls” case.
    “I can’t wait to share my body parts with you baby, well kinda“ giggled Stone.

    So Misty Stones will get her own signature textures!
    That’s great, can’t wait to to check of her mocha colored body parts and finally start having some hot interracial Fleshlight sex!

    Here are a couple of pictures of Misty Stone and her sexy body while you wait for her Fleshlight to hit store shelves:

    Misty Stone Fleshlight
    misty stone anal fleshlight sex toy


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