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vstroker review - usb fleshlight sex toy

The Vstroker and Fleshlight combo promises a interactive sex experience that will blow your mind and it delivers. The soft, wet realistic feeling of the Fleshlight combined with real time interaction with the porn star you are watching is as close to sex as we are going to get without actually having real sex. The Vstroker works!

Vstroker + Fleshlight Review – How It Works

I got the Vstroker about 3 weeks ago and have been using it a lot since then. When the Vstroker sits on your Fleshlight you get to control the porn you are watching. You decide at what speed you thurst in and out of them or how fast or slow she slides her mouth up and down your cock. The girls also talk to you and encourages you to keep fucking them or how to fuck them. So if you are a fan of instruction porn videos like you are going to love the Vstroker.

The Vstroker attaches to your Fleshlight and tracks the movement and sends that information to your computer that controls the video you are watching. The new Vstroker Video Player tracks your motions with close to 1-to-1 accuracy so when you stroke your Fleshlight the girl in the video gets fucked at that same speed. It is a really fun way to mastubate, much better then just watching porn, now you get to interact with it in real time.

Each Vstroker Video is ~700mb standalone application that you download to your PC or Mac. When you launch the video it automatically detects your Vstroker & USB dongle and you can start fucking your Fleshlight. Use your keypad to easily switch between the different scenes and positions. You can adjust the sensitivity of the Vstroker which allows for a greater variety in speeds. It is super easy to use even for someone not that experienced with computers. You just plug in the USB, start the video program and start fucking.

Vstroker Enabled Sex Games

The Vstroker also works with a lot of interactive 3D Sex Games ala Second Life. I have not tried them out yet but you can check them out by clicking on the links below.

3D-Lesbian Sex Game
3D Sex Villa 2
Bonecraft (World of Warcraft sex clone)
There will also be Hentai games for the Vstroker coming out soon.

Vstroker Videos

There are a couple of ways to get access to the Vstroker enabled video library. You can sign up for a montly subscription or you can buy the videos À la carte from their online shop. The premium videos featuring Fleshlight Girls Misty Stone and Asa Akira costs $9.95 each. The regular Vstroker enabled POV videos cost $5.95 and they are well worth the money.

Asa Akira Vstroker Video Examples

asa akira vstroker fleshlight video

All Vstroker Enabled POV Video are shot in HD quality and the sound is very intimate and realistic.

Example of Vstroker Video Content:

8 Interactive POV Positions:
Intro – Tease & Dirty Talk
Blowjob + Double Fisted Handjob
Reverse Cowgirl
Missionary Legs Up
Doggy Another Angle
Climax – Orgasm & Cumshot

When you fuck Asa Akira you get to decide at what speed by stroking your Vstroker Fleshlight. You can go really fast or really slow. When you jerk the Vstroker as fast as you can Asa Akira sucks or rides your cock at a very fast phase. I don’t think a normal girl would be able to fuck you that fast.

There are a lot of idle video clips that triggers when you stop stroking the Vstroker so when you stop fucking Asa Akira she wonders why you stopped and begs you to continue to fuck her pussy.

More Vstroker Videos

misty stone vstroker fleshlight video review

Vstroker Review Summary

The Vstroker is awesome because it really does feel like you are fucking the women in the videos. You have amazing control over the speed you are fucking them and when you combine that with a great feeling Fleshlight and a hot girl like Asa Akira begging you to fuck her you got a winner!

If you’ve ever fantasied about having sex with any of the following porn stars (India Summer, Nicole Aniston, Presley Hart, Stevie Shae, Veronica Avluv, Victoria Ray, Asa Akira, Misty Stone) you have got to try the Vstroker, it will turbo charge your Fleshlight sessions and really surprise you how much better it feels when you participate and interact with the porn you are masturbating to.

The Vstroker attachment is compatible with all of the regular size Fleshlights. It won’t work with the Blade, SIAC or Flight. But if you own a regular size Fleshlight case you will be able to use the Vstroker just find.

The Vstroker device without a Fleshlight costs $69.95
Free 7 Day Trail Included (Download access to all videos)
The Vstroker ships internationally

Buy Vstroker from Vstroker.com


  1. Hey, Great website!

    I’m planing on buying my first fleshlight but can’t decide between these two; Stoya Destroya or Mini Blowjob Fleshlight.

    Both seems to be awesome in their own way, but the stoya fleshlight is double the price. So my question is, are it worth the extra €40 or?

    Best Regards,

    • Thank you!

      The Sukit Draft (Mini Swallow) and Stoya Destroya feel completely different, I love them both but I tend to use the Mini Swallow more often because it’s easier to handle and I love the combo of the stimulating rib texture and the super tight smooth canal.

      One thing to note about the Mini Swallow is that it can be pretty tight so if your girth exceeds 5.5″ you might have to use the sleeve without the case. That is not a bad thing though as Fleshlights tend to feel better when used without their cases in my opinion.

      I say go with the Mini Swallow Fleshlight. It feels great and it’s pretty cheap. Don’t forget to buy lots of lube!

      • Hi,

        Did just get my new Mini BJ fleshlight.

        But I got one question for an FL pro 🙂

        When I opened my brand new fleshlight case there was white “dots” here and there. And on the back side there was pretty big ones. It also was a little dirt on the mouth.

        Normal? What are this white dots? Some kind of puder or?

        Best Regards,

        • Yes that is normal. All Fleshlights gets a dab of corn starch at the factory to make them extra soft so that is nothing to worry about. I usually rinse them off before using them for the first time just to make sure that it is clean.


  2. Hey Flesh,

    I want to buy the VStroker, but I have the grey/silver colored Fleshlight case from like 2004. Do you know if this case is compatible with the Vstroker, or will I have to buy a new case?

    • That was before my time so I don’t know but I will try to find out for you. Btw, I am really impressed that you have been able to keep your Fleshlight in good condition for that long.

    • The Vstroker people wasn’t sure if it would fit onto the older case but judging by the pictures it might fit. If it doesn’t fit you can always order a new case, they cost around $20 bucks. If you are looking to buy a brand new Fleshlight I recommend the Swallow (Misty Stone version). It is amazing to use to the Misty Stone Vstroker video.

  3. Thanks, Flesh!

    I just got a VStroker not long ago. Here are my thoughts on it:

    The idea is great. You move your Fleshlight and it controls the action. I found out that it will fit the old Fleshlight case, not exactly perfect but just good enough to work. I also found out that you could just tape the Vstroker to any toy if it doesn’t fit because the USB cap just makes the action move just by moving the cap around. You could put it in your hand and move it around and the action responds the same way.

    Anyway, some improvements are needed as well as some content restructuring. For example:

    -The USB cap doesn’t take suction into account, meaning suction has no bearing on how the action responds. That’s a problem because you can’t ever mount your Fleshlight and control the action unless you build some sort of simple mechanism that pushes back when you thrust, and even then it wouldn’t work all that well.

    -The stroking is not frame-by-frame accurate. For example, one stroke actually can equal 5 or 6 or more video frame movements. This is the same whether you stroke in or stroke out. 1:1 stroke-to-frame response should at least be an option, because honestly the current system doesn’t feel all that immersive. It just feels like your stroking to keep the video going rather matching the action stroke for stroke.

    -For whatever reason, Vstroker thought it was a good idea to not make their older videos compatible with the newest version of the VStroker. Why they decided to just let a bunch of good content die is pretty ridiculous, and it doesn’t help their members area situation since they need more content in there very badly to justify the price they charge for it. Smh, what were they thinking? They even have Anime-like and 3D content for the old Vstroker but it doesn’t work with the new one… WTF were they thinking to not carry this content over???

    -I get the whole POV concept, but they shouldn’t have just limited themselves to that. They have the freedom to shoot from lots of angles so they should’ve used that freedom to give users more options.

    All in all, if you like to stroke with your Fleshlight (and I imagine most guys do), you’ll probably like this a lot. I think it’s cool but since I’m a mounter (I usually bang it in bed in a way I doubt most guys are even aware it can be done… perhaps I’ll share that someday) it just isn’t much of a homerun for me. When they do something to make mounting enjoyable I’ll say this product is a 10, but right now it’s just not there yet.

    • Thanks a lot for sharing your Vstroker Review and feedback Jam Jam! I hope they listen to your suggestions and keep improving on the product.

      I know that they are working on new types of content and hopefully they will manage to get the action down to a 1:1 ratio. The only way to get true to 1:1 action as of now is with the 3D Sex Villa games. I think the new Asa Akira and Misty Stone videos do a pretty good job though.

      Again, thanks for your review!

    • Jim Jam,

      Thank you very much for the review of our product and for the valuable feedback. A lot of what you mention is in the works. For example, we are working on a “choose your own adventure” series which will be more story oriented. It will feature multiple camera angles and allow you to go into POV interactive mode whenever you like. We are also constantly updating the player to make the experience as realistic as possible.

      We have an animation series coming out which we are excited about and I have posted some screens here:

      Samples from our animated Realism Series


      Samples from our animated Toon Series


      We have a small group of people that participate in testing videos before they are released to the public. It would be great to have your feedback. If you are interested, feel free to shoot me an email and I will set you up.

      jeff at vstroker.com

    • i agree with all the above. I was expecting a more immersive experience as well. I am disappointed to be honest.

      • I don’t know which video you where using but the Asa Akira and Misty Stone Vstroker videos are really amazing compared to the older Vstroker content.

        Also to make it more immersive I suggest using headphones and that you to sit in front of a large screen.

  4. Nice post and nice revieuw/comment off Jim asswell!

    Its a shame it cant be used if u mounted it! Altough i can imagine that would be rather impossible?

    Still not sure wether too buy it or not, i would love too read revieuws about using it with the sex games u mentioned, never played any sex game and it seems intresting.

    And what do u think about the STU? Is it the one that makes ur head go round the fastest? Or do you think the tighter ones are better ?

    • I think they are working on a Vstroker Clip-On that would be compatible with Mounts. You would attach it to your hip via a belt or something like that.

      You can download the 3D Sex Villa demo and try it for free HERE .

      The STU is actually very tight and very stimulating so that is why it make you come after only a couple of minutes or less. It is a fantastic first Fleshlight.

  5. jim, i downloaded the movie but i couldn’t play it. what did i do wrong? i downloaded the adobe air too but still not working.

    • There are downloads for MAC & PC, double check that you downloaded the right version of the Vstroker content. Also try to redownload the video content and see if that works.

      Install Adobe Air again.
      Connect the Vstroker USB dongle, click on the Vstroker cap to turn it on. Load the video program and everything should work fine.

      You should email support and specify your issue more in detail. support@vstroker.com

  6. You should review the new videos posted on the Vstroker site. There are new interactive Pov Toon and Alien Avatar vstroker clips that are fucking great.

  7. Hey there! great review!
    I wanted to ask you something, the Vstroker allows you to interract with the girls but does it vibrate also? or just the other thing? It would be aweseome if it could do both?
    Thank you a lot for your answer.

    • Hey Juan. The Vstroker does not vibrate but remote activated vibration is a cool idea.

      If you want a manually activated vibrating Fleshlight you can buy the Vibro sleeve and insert a pocket rocket vibrator or something similar into the “bullet holes”.

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