Tori Black Torrid Fleshlight

Tori Black Fleshlight Torrid

About 2 months ago I heard rumors of a New Fleshlight Girl. I did a bit of research and found out that the new Fleshlight Girl probably was Tori Black.
I was right but she came quicker then expected!

I thought that we would see the Tori Black Fleshlight hit store shelves maybe early next year but it looks like Santa came early this year (16th December 2010 to be exact). The Tori Black Fleshlight is available for purchase right not at the Fleshlight Store.

Tori Black Fleshlight Video:

Tori Black’s Fleshlight comes with three orifices (Anal, Pussy and Mouth) you also get to pick from four different textures. The Tori Black Vagina Fleshlight comes with the Lotus or the brand new Torrid texture. The Torrid texture looks cool but also a bit intimitating to be honest. Look at all those little spikes and fangs. The are kinda short so I guess they will just caress and tingle your dick when you fuck the Torrid Fleshlight. There are 5 chambers filled with different spikes, bumps and fangs. These chambers are separated by 4 distinct “openings”, it looks like they are designed to lets you know how far in you are and also stroke your penis head a little extra.

Tori Black Fleshlight Torrid Texture

new tori black torrid fleshlight texture

The biggest difference of Tori Black’s Torrid Fleshlight is probably that it’s tighter then the normal pussy textures. The inner chamber looks like the perfect size for the average Joe’s penis size. If you don’t have a porn star size cock it’s harder to enjoy the normal textures such as the Lotus to the fullest so the Tori Black Fleshlight looks like a great alternative for guys that enjoy tighter holes or/and have normal size cocks.

Tori Black Anal Vagina Mouth Fleshlights

The Tori Black Fleshlight was just released a couple of hours ago so I obviously haven’t had the time to look at the Tori FL in full detail but I will inspect it further and post a review when I get a chance to try it out. If you can’t help yourself and just have to buy and fuck the Tori Black Fleshlight right now (!!!) you can go to and check it out for yourself.

Tori Black justed filmed her first DP (double penetration) scene not too long ago. Imagine watching that DVD and fucking all of her Fleshlights at the same time. That’s the closest 99% of us will ever get to have real sex with Tori Black. Treat yourself right this Christmas and try Tori out! 😀

Tori Black Fleshlight Pictures:


  1. Will this one be released in Germany too? If it’s so. Where can I get it from? The page shows failure 404, when I use the Link in the text.

    • Hey, it’s not available from yet unfortunately. I’m not sure when they are getting it. These reason you are getting a 404 error is because they redirect European visitors to the EU site. It’s possible to order from the US site but it takes a bit of work using proxies and you will have to pay extra in shipping and duty/tax. I’m sure they will start selling the Tori Black Fleshlight from their EU Shop soon but I can’t give you a exact date.

  2. I like the lips on Tori Black! 😉 The asshole Fleshlight looks nice too!

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