The New Alien Fleshlight is Finally Here!

Alien Fleshlight Released 2010

Update: The Alien Fleshlight is now available for purchase at

You guys told me that you would buy the Alien Fleshlight if it was released again, it’s out now!

Are you going to buy the Alien Fleshlight now?

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Here are a set of pictures of the brand new Alien Fleshlight:

This is how the Alien Pussy looks like, it got two clits LOL!
Alien Navi Avatar Fleshlight SexToy
Here’s the inside of the Alien vagina texture, it inside is filled with soft alien bumps
Blue Alien Fleshlight Texture

The New Alien Fleshlight is Finally Here! I think this teaser trailer from the Fleshlight Blog pretty much confirms it! I wrote a blog post about the Alien Fleshlight possibly being released around May this year but I was mistaken. This time it’s for real though, the Alien Fleshlight has been brought back to life!

I know you guys have been waiting for this to happen for a long time now, how happy are you now on a scale from 1-10 that the Alien FL is being brought back to life?

New Alien Fleshlight Trailer

Old Alien Fleshlight and Navi Avatar concept art Video:

A couple of stills from the video showing the Alien Fleshlight texture:

Blue Alien Fleshlight Video Stills

Here is a picture of the texture rod that is used to make the Alien Fleshlight:
How the Alien Fleshlight Texture is Made

The Alien Fleshlight texture looks a little bit like the STU texture but these bumps are even bigger. I hope that we will be able to buy the Alien Fleshlight before or around Halloween time.

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