Tera Patrick Twista Fleshlight Review

Fleshlight Review: Tera Patrick Twista

I have been wanting to try the Tera Patrick Fleshlight for quite some time now but I never got around to buying it. I ended up trying it the other week so I decided that I might as well write a review of the Tera Patrick Fleshlight and her signature Twista texture.
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Twista Fleshlight: Build quality and feel

The inside of the Twista Fleshlight kinda looks like the wonder wave sleeve, but the twista is well, twisted.
Tera Patrick Twista Fleshlight
Since the Twista is a Tera Patrick Porn Star Fleshlight it naturally looks the same as Tera Patrick’s pussy. I don’t know if it feels like her pussy, I wish I knew but it sure looks like it. If you fuck the Tera Patrick Fleshlight you can technically say that you’ve fucked her pussy but can not go in to details (hehe).

The patented Real Feel Super Skin feels very soft to the touch, almost silky smooth. Brand new Fleshlights almost always comes with a thin layer of corn starch on them which gives them a even more skin like feel to them. I recommend dusting your Fleshlight with corn starch after you have cleaned and dried it. Doing so will not only make the Fleshlight last for years but also make it feel human-skin-like.

What It Feels Like To Fuck The Tera Patrick Twista Fleshlight

The twist inside the sleeve is shaped like a vortex so the ridges and twists gets tighter and more intense the further down you penetrate it. You can definitely feel the twisting sensation and as your cock gets harder it becomes more prominent. I don’t really think it makes a big difference if your dick is huge, medium or small since the twista texture pretty much stays the same from start to finish. If your dick is thinnish you can always fuck it from behind since the texture is narrower and tighter in the back opening. If you worry about your dick being too thin you should check out the Sex In A Can line, you might get more enjoyment out of those Fleshlights.

The Twista might not look like much but the feeling is truly incredible. The closer you get to climax the better it feels. It’s feels like the twista texture is growing bigger I guess this has to do with your penis getting more sensitive the closer to orgasm you get.

Coming inside of any Fleshlight always feels great but there is something special about the Twista, the textured ridges show their true form when you are about to orgasm. Once you reach the height of the climax they twista pulls you down the rabbit hole of pleasure and there is nothing you can do to stop it at this point. Your cock keeps growing as it’s throbbing heavily against the inner walls of the Fleshlight. It gets harder to keep stroking the Twista during orgasm but as soon as the sperm comes gushing out it you can slide in and out much quicker.

Cleaning And Drying the Twista Fleshlight

The cleaning process is pretty simple. You rinse out the Fleshlight with medium heated water under the sink, use your fingers and rub them against the twists to get rid of excess lube or cum that might have got stuck in there. If you blasted a huge load in there it might take a couple of minutes to get it 100% cleaned out. When that is done you need put it somewhere to dry out, that takes 6-12 hours depending how humid or dry the room is.

Tera Patrick Twista Fleshlight

The Tera Patrick Twista textured Fleshlight will surprise you. It feels much better then it looks and is great for long masturbation sessions.

A slow climax build up with an incredible orgasm finish. The Twista Fleshlight might not look like much but when you reach the top of your climax it will blow your mind. This is the best Tera Patrick Fleshlight for sure.

Rating by Fleshone: 4.0 stars

Tera Patrick Twista Fleshlight: Final Score 4/5

The Twista texture definitely has a unique feel to it and it stands out when compared to the more “generic” textures like the Cyclone or the Wonder Wave. The Twista is not my favorite Fleshlight Girl sleeve but it easily makes into my top 5. The reason why it doesn’t make it higher on that list if because you really have to focus to feel the ribs and ridges during the build up to the orgasm. They feel nice but it’s not mind blowing either. However, once you break that threshold and are about to come the Twista feels AMAZING compared to many other textures. So that’s why I give the Tera Patrick Twista 4 out of 5. The Twista is a slow starter but when it gets you going it REALLY gets you going!

You can buy the Tera Patrick Fleshlight at Fleshlight.com or at your local sex shop. I’m pretty sure most brick and mortar sex shops sell Fleshlights so check with them if you don’t want to buy it online.

Bonus video: Tour of Tera Patrick’s House


  1. I like to have Tera Patrick fleshlight, I’m confused n dnt know how to get it..I’m from Malaysia so can u help me please make my dream come true

    • Hello, you can buy the Tera Patrick Fleshlight from the Fleshlight website. They accept most credit cards and ship worldwide so there should be no problem to send it to you in Malaysia. I don’t know if you have sex toy shops in Malaysia but if you do ask them if they have the Tera Patrick Fleshlight, they should have them for sale!

  2. Tq.but it’s illegal in ml’sia by the way I’ll try my best to find it..

  3. I ordered the Tera Patric Twista but got the
    lotus by mistake?
    Is there any difference?
    I am waiting for it.

    • Yes there is a difference between the feeling of the Louts versus the Twista. I prefer the Twista.

      If you bought it from the Fleshlight.com site you should get in contact with support and they will help you out with that, they are very accommodating.

  4. Tera Patrick Twista

    Tera Patrick Twista is an amazing Fleshlight sleeve! It is over 4 years old and still one of my favorite sex toys I have ever tried! It helps that I’m a huge Tera Patrick fan as well!

  5. Tera Patrick Fleshlight

    I always wanted to do anal with Tera Patrick that is why I bought her butt fleshlight as well as the twista fleshlight. I rate them both at 5/5. I recommend using them both at the same time. Going from super tight to loose and realistic vagina feeling is so great.

  6. Oh boy the Tera Patrick Twista Fleshlight is my favorite for sure. I have blown huge loads inside that thing over 300 times easy and it is still in good condition.

    My favorite thing about the Twista Fleshlight is how the inteisty builds the closer you get to cumming and when you cum you get leg shaking orgasms. TOP NOTCH SOLID FLESHLIGHT!

  7. +1 for Teras twista fleshlight it is really fucking nice i have had mine for 4 years Lol.


  1. Who is your favorite Fleshlight Girl?

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