Fleshlight Review: Teagan Presley Love Humps

Teagan Presley Love Humps Fleshlight Review

For a minute there I kinda forgot about the Teagan Presley’s new signature Love Humps Fleshlight. There are so many Fleshlights to choose from nowadays that it’s hard to keep up. I have always loved Teagan Presley though so I decided to try out the Love Hump Fleshlight.

If you’re not as well informed as I am maybe you didn’t you know that every Fleshlight Girl now comes with their own Signature Fleshlights. Teagan is no exception, she comes with the Lotus or the Love Humps (or Love Bumps as I like to call it). I’m sure you know all about the Lotus Fleshlight (you know the real vagina texture) by now so in this review I will be focusing on the new Love Humps texture. You can get the Love Humps texture without a case for 60 bucks from Fleshlight.com, it costs $79.95 with the case. Since I’m a avid Fleshlight user I already had a spare case so I only needed to buy the Teagan sleeve and saved 20 dollars (yay).
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Some of my thoughts after the first couple flights inside Teagan’s Love Humps Fleshlight:

Would you like to get a nice warm vagina hug from Ms Teagan Presley?
Teagan Presley’s Love Humps Fleshlight makes you feel claustrophobic but in a good way. Being trapped inside a hot juicy pussy isn’t that bad after all now is it? Especially when you got plenty of lube and a couple of hot Teagan Prelsey porn scenes to jerk off to with your brand new Fleshlight.

Initially the Love Humps texture reminded me of the Original Fleshlight mixed with the Ultra Tight Fleshlight. The inside feels very smooth thanks to the nice real feel super skin and to the fact that there are no noticeable ridges, nubs or grooves inside the Love Hump. That also helps to keep down the lube consumtion and another great thing is that your dick won’t get tired or worn out after a long masturbation session. You can screw this Fleshlight all night long if you wanted too but you would probably end up coming inside it after 5-10 minutes just like I did, at least until you get a hang of the not-coming-to-quick technique!

Teagan Love Humps Fleshlight

If you have only tried the Lotus before the first difference you will notice as you enter Teagans Love Humps is how much tighter it is then the normal textures. The first bump is a little loose but the ones located 2-3 inches in squeezes around your shaft pretty good when you thrust through them. Think of it as someone holding your cock in their hand and squeezes it when you go in and out. The faster you penetrate the Love Hump the faster it will squeeze or hug around your cock.
When I slowly entered the Fleshlight the first time I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to go as fast I usually do inside these things but I really had no problem fucking it at the speed I desired. Since the entire texture is silky smooth on the inside your dick won’t get fatigued or desensitized to the sensation and it won’t eat up a lot of lube as some of the multi textured sleeves.

It feels very good to slowly fuck the Love Humps for the reasons I mentioned above, the way she squeezes around your head and shaft really feels like someone is giving you a tug job and that feeling is unique to this Fleshlight texture. The only Fleshlight that comes close to this feeling is Jenna Hazes Maze Fleshlight but that model does not feel as good as this. The Love Humps texture is much smoother and the humps are rounded not square they are inside the Maze texture. If you are the type that like to tease yourself by slowly building up tention towards a massive orgasm this might just be the perfect Fleshlight for you. The smooth and tight inner channel lends it self perfect for that kind “slow cooking” masturbation.

Teagan Presley Fleshlight vs Real Pussy:
Teagan Fleshlight Pussy

Since this Fleshlight actually was molded and cast off Teagan Presley’s real pussy it naturally looks exactly like her down there. What makes the Porn star signature Fleshlights great is that they look and feel so realistic that it doesn’t take much for you to climax inside of it. I find it incredibly easy to orgasm inside these Fleshlight models, almost to easy. Good thing that you don’t have to worry about preforming issues when you have Fleshlight sex, you can do whatever you like whenever you like! One thing that I find a little odd is why there is no anal Teagan Presley fleshlight. Teagan was made famous for ability to take huge cocks up her ass.

Love Humps Fleshlight

The Best Fleshlight for long masturbation sessions. Great training device for sensitive guys!

Smooth orgasmic climax that you can pump through and still enjoy it. The Teagan Presley Love Humps Fleshlight is the best smooth non-textured sex toy I have tried.

Rating by Fleshone: 5.0 stars

Climaxing inside the Teagan Presley Fleshlight:

Would feeling both Teagan’s clitoris and pussy lips rubbing against your cock as you put it inside her turn you on? Now close your eyes and imagine that she is slowly riding your cock up and down, can you hear how her wet pussy is pulling your dick deeper and deeper? Is she gonna let you cream pie inside her pussy? Being a true slut of course she is. She moves her hips up and down, faster and faster. Can you feel how her pussy is opening up and tightening it’s grip around your entire penis. It’s almost like it is doing it rhythmically. She is riding you so hard now that her dripping wet pussy is literally slapping against your stomach and the last thing you feel before totally exploding inside of her is Teagan’s clit touching and rubbing against your hard throbbing head. Harder baby I want you to come inside me she moans! Your orgasm is so fucking intense that you black out for what feels like at least 20 seconds.

When you open your eyes still dizzy from the climax you see cum dripping out of her pussy down on your stomach. You look around in your room but there’s no one there, only you and a Teagan Presley Fleshlight but I could have sworn that I was having sex with a real porn star!
Oh well, time to clean up or maybe I should go for another round?

Pictures and videos of Teagan Presley and her Fleshlight:

Teagan Licking her Fleshlight Pussy
Teagan Presley Fleshlight Mold

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  1. I was wondering what kind of packaging your Teagan Presley Fleshlight came in? Mine just came kind of thrown together in a cardboard box. I saw one of the pictures you posted of her and it showed a metal canister with her picture on it that looked like it might have held your fleshlight. Let me know, thanks.

  2. Maybe it depends where you buy it from but yeah I got mine inside a metal canister. In fact every Fleshlight Girl model I have bought have come complete with sleeve, case and the metal canister. It should look like this: http://fleshone.com/files/2011/04/stoya-swallow-fleshlight-metal-tin-can.jpg

  3. Hmm, I bought mine from Fleshlight’s website so that’s kind of odd. I guess I’ll contact them and see what’s up. Thanks for your response.

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