Teagan Presley Butt and Mouth Fleshlights Are Out!

Teagan Presley New Fleshlights 2011

It’s time for another Fleshlight News update! This week they are adding the Teagan Presley All Ways Fleshlight pack to the store. It’s about damn time! Teagan Presley have been a Fleshlight Girl for over 2 years now and you could only get her pussy model. She is notorious for her hardcore anal porn videos and movies so this is gonna make Teagan Presley fans where happy. PREPARE YOUR ANUS TEAGAN PRESLEY!

Fuck Teagan Presley Any Way You Want!

teagan presley pornstar fleshlights

Check out the new Teagan Fleshlights and her Videos at Fleshlight.com

The Making Of Teagan Presley’s Fleshlight:

All ways basically means that you get to choose what hole you want to fuck. You get to choose between Teagan Presley’s Asshole, Pussy or Mouth. If you’re a real freak you obviously buy all of her Fleshlights (and save some dollar$ at the same time)

Picture of Teagan Presleys Mouth Fleshlight (Swallow Texture)
teagan presley mouth fleshlight sextoy

Picture of Teagan Presleys Butt / Anal Fleshlight (Forbidden Texture)
teagan presley anal butt fleshlight sextoy

Picture of Teagan Presleys Vagina Fleshlight (Lotus or Love Humps Texture)
teagan presley vagina fleshlight sextoy

Not sure which Teagan FL to buy?

I wrote a Fleshlight Review of the Teagan Presley Love Humps not too long ago. People on the Fleshlight forums also seems to like that model for whatever it’s worth. As for the other textures, my favorite is still the Swallow texture but the Forbidden is excellent if you are into anal sex. The Lotus sleeve is not as good as the other three models in my opinion. So I would recommend getting either the Forbidden, Swallow or Love Humps. You will not feel disappointed with either of those models, they all feel great and really gets the job done!


Don’t forget that you get a Free Bluray with your purchase if you buy any of the Teagan Presley Fleshlights from Fleshlight.com

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