Stoya Mouth Fleshlight Review

Stoya Swallow Mouth Fleshlight Review

If you have been reading some of the other Fleshlight Reviews I have put together you probably already know the Stoya Destroya is my favorite Fleshlight. However, I do love blowjobs (who doesn’t?) so I felt that I had to write a review of Stoya’s Swallow Mouth Fleshlight as well.

Stoya 3 Ways Fleshlight

This is not the first time I try a Mouth Fleshlight with the Swallow texture so I already knew what I was in for when pushed through Stoya’s lips and entered her mouth for the first time.

I enjoy the entrance of the Mouth Fleshlight a lot, it’s very exciting when your dick grows inside her mouth. So after you have pre-heated your Fleshlight with warm water and applied just enough lube to the inside of the mouth it feels incredible similar to a real human mouth, minus the tongue of course. The lube mixed with your precum makes for a great saliva substitute. Just close your eyes and dream yourself away for a couple of minutes and it will feel very realistic. The lips are super soft and the wet inside gobbles down your cock like a porn star pro when you decide you want to go all the way down her throat. This is as close as I have come to a real blowjob using a sex toy.

stoya mouth fleshlight swallow texture

My favorite part of the Stoya Swallow texture is definitely the way it varies the tightness between all the inner channels. When you stick the tip of your dick inside the mouth you can still move it around like you can in a real human mouth but as soon as you start to deep throat the pharynx it gets tighter as you push down the wet and slimy throat. 4-5 inches deep you will feel a wonderful plunge. That’s your head getting swallowed by well… the swallow part of the Fleshlight. Screwing on the cap at the end of the Fleshlight case you can adjust the suction. Screwing the suction cap on or off makes a big difference. When the cap is fully screwed on you it gets extra tight and you can hear the air pushing back out through the mouth orifice when you fuck it. You have to fuck it harder to push all the way down, you almost have to force your dick down her throat. Then try to losen the suction cap and you will slip down an absolute threat. You will have to play around with this until you find your favorite setting.

I love pulling my hard cock back and forth so I hit that spot as fast and as many times as I can. After doing that for 30 seconds or so it gets really hard to control yourself and sometimes I just give up and blow my load inside Stoya’s throat. I always feel a little guilty doing that, coming inside a real persons throat is not nice. Imagine someone filling your throat up with sperm till you can’t breath? Not that nice but thankfully this little Fleshlight won’t mind and I love doing it so… hehe!

Swallow Blowjob Fleshlight

The Stoya Swallow Fleshlight is tight, makes blowjob sounds and will make you come like never before.

The Swallow Fleshlight is one if not the best sleeve ever created. It has a super realistic mouth opening with soft lips and the inside is made like a human throat. The Stoya Swallow Fleshlight is a must for blowjob and deep throat lovers!

Rating by Fleshone: 5.0 stars

Stoya Swallow Mouth Orifice Fleshlight

As for the aesthetics of Stoya’s Mouth Fleshlight, well if you’re like me and get turned on by the goth and burlesque style you are going to get really turned on by the pale set of lips on this sex toy. They managed to get the skin complexion on Stoya’s lips just about right. They are not pink colored like some of the first generation fleshlights. All the new Fleshlight Girls have their own skin tone on their vaginas, butt and mouth inserts. I have not seen Stoya’s real lips up close but by looking at photos of her and the mouth molding you can see that they are pretty identical. They even got the creases and lines from her lips right. The guy doing the Fleshlight molds sure knows what he is doing.

stoya triple fleshlight pack

Enhance your Fleshlight session with some POV blowjob porn videos. Some guys like to be alone with their Fleshlights meaning that they don’t watch porn and just use their imagination while masturbating. But I think most guys watch porn when they are fapping with their Fleshlights. There are a couple of free Fleshlight videos with Stoya on that you can watch.

There is one video in particular that comes to mind when I think of the Stoya Fleshlight and that video is from Jack’s POV 9 featuring a very sexy scene with Stoya. You can’t really watch the Stoya POV video for free though. It has been removed from all the porntubes but you can buy it on Digital Playground.
stoya pov blowjob video

If you are interested in the Mouth Swallow Fleshlight but would like to fuck someone else instead of Stoya I’m glad to say that there are lots of other girls for you to choose from. A petite latina porn star just got her first Mouth Fleshlight, it comes with the same Swallow texture but the lips obviously look different. Then you have Jenna Haze, Tori Black, Misty Stone and last but not least the Stoya Mouth Fleshlight of course. You will find all of these models and more on

I have heard rumors that some of the other Fleshlight Girls are getting their own versions but I’m not sure when they are getting released. I know Jesse Jane got her mouth molded early this year at the Adult Expo in Las Vegas so I’m gonna keep an eye out for her Mouth Fleshlight. Anyways, I give the Stoya Mouth Fleshlight 2 thumbs up. The Swallow Fleshlight is a must have, there are no other Fleshlights that feel the way this one does and there for is a great option for those of you who are looking to buy your second Fleshlight. The Swallow have been in my Top 3 ever since I tried it last year, it feels soooo good! You will not be disappointed!


  1. Oh Stoya, I have a collection of fleshlights. The Gauntlet, Lotus Garden, Forbidden (ASA)and have had the STU. I have wanted for one of Stoya’s sweet textures but I am pined between Swallow and Destroya. I have always been curious of the Destorya texture and I hear great things about the swallow texture. Which one would be a better choice for me in your opinion?

    • Hey, thanks for stopping by!

      Stoya Destroya or Stoya Swallow Fleshlight.

      I like both of them very much. The Destroya & Swallow are my favorites but I would have to go with the Destroya simply because it still to this day surprises me how good it feels. There are so many things going on at the same time inside the Destroya so I never get bored of it. The orifice really looks like Stoya’s pussy, so that’s another plus.

      You probably already know this since you own so many Fleshlights but don’t be discouraged if the Destroya doesn’t blow your mind the first time you use it. It gets better and better almost every time you use it.

      So I would buy the Stoya Destroya first and save the Swallow for your next purchase.

  2. Stoya Sucks My Dick

    I used to be a Fleshlight Virgin but then I ordered the Stoya Swallow Fleshlight and now I get horny just thinking about it. I fuck my Stoya Fleshlight in the shower everyday when I get off work.

  3. Thanks Stoya always welcome 🙂 .Egy


  5. I would like to purchase fleshlight of porn star “Stoya Doll” pl..suggest me // thanks regards

    • Hi, I love the swallow texture. So Stoya’s mouth Fleshlight is something I really recommend. If you prefer her pussy, buy the Stoya Destroya. The Destroya is reviewed well and loved by all Fleshlight users.

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