Stoya Fleshlight

Stoya Fleshlight

Stoya is the latest addition to the Fleshlight Girl Team.
It’s with great pleasure I welcome Stoya, the pale skin porn goddess of goth!
I know a lot of guys have been waiting for the chance to fuck Stoya. I guess playing with the Stoya Fleshlight is as close as most of us will ever get to having sex with her.
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Fleshlight Teaser video of Stoya the new Fleshlight girl:

Video of Stoya fucking her Fleshlights
Video of Stoya fucking her fleshlight

Stoya definitely deserves to get her own Fleshlight and I’m glad that it’s finally here. I have not seen the Stoya Fleshlight in person so I can not give you a review of it yet. I don’t even know what the Stoya texture is going to be yet but I bet it’s going to be something special and not the usual lotus insert! I know for sure that Stoya is getting at least two fleshlight orifices. The vagina and anal one, if we are lucky we might even get the Stoya Mouth.
Lets cross our fingers that we get a 3-way pack of Stoya Fleshlights just like Jenna Haze!

It’s official now, Stoya is getting four different Fleshlights.
The regular Lotus texture that every Fleshlight Girls gets ofcourse but Stoya also got a few surprise inserts.
Stoya Fleshlights

Stoya Lotus Fleshlight texture:
Stoya Lotus Texture
The Lotus sleeve is designed to feel like a real womans vagina. There are a multitude of different valleys with chambers of different size and feel to them. Stoyas Lotus Fleshlight is shaped just like her vagina. Look at the pictures below and see for yourself. This Fleshlight is $79.95 and that includes the white pearl case.

Stoya Destroya Fleshlight texture:
Stoya Destroya Texture
Stoya Destroya, what a catchy name for a awesome fleshlight insert.
It looks like it’s a mix between the Swallow and the Stamina Traning Unit but with a little twist at the end. I can’t wait to try out the Stoya Destroya.
Here’s what the Fleshlight Team has to say about the new Destroya Fleshlight:

Stoya’s signature texture is as unique and amazing as Stoya. Never before has Fleshlight offered such a distinct and intense combination of subtle texture nuances. Upon entry, three small rings of bumps will grasp you tightly, followed by the ultra piercing pleasure dome that will give you 360 degrees of unmatched bliss. The next chamber starts with a small row of teeth and fangs that delightfully rub and pull at you. Finally, one row of large bumps leads into a super ribbed texture that narrows the farther you get inside. This texture is unanimously a new staff favorite, and we are confident you’ll agree.
Stoya Destroya is a also $79.95 (case included) and you can get it from the Fleshlight Online Store.

Stoya Forbidden Anal Fleshlight texture:
Stoya butt Fleshlight
The Stoya Forbidden texture is the same texture that comes with the Jenna Haze fleshlights. The butt orifice is molded straight from Stoyas ass hole, so it looks identical to the real thing. If you’ve ever fantasized about having anal sex with Stoya, this is your chance! The Stoya Anal Fleshlight insert starts at $59.95 (Case not included)

Stoya Swallow Mouth Fleshlight texture:
Stoya Swallow Mouth Texture
The Stoya Swallow texture simulates the best blowjob! The Swallow Fleshlight is the next best thing to getting your cock sucked by a real woman, and lets be honest, not every girl knows how to give great head. You don’t have to worry about any teeth getting in the way when you fuck Stoya’s mouth. Get the Stoya Swallow Fleshlight for $79.95 (including white pearl case) at

Pictures of Stoya and product images of all her Fleshlights:

Stoya Doll is of course the beauty queen best known for her contributions to the adult entertainment community, starring in mayor porn films such as Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge Taste of Stoya and Cheerleaders in which she earned the AVN Award for Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene 2009. She also won the 2009 XBIZ Award – New Starlet of the Year and 2009 XRCO Award – New Starlet. She’s really into BDSM and fetish porn of all kinds. You can find Stoya in all kinds of outfits if you look around on the internet, latex seems to be a favorite texture but she also likes to dress up and create her own sexy outfits. She does a lot of solo shoots but Stoya is definitely no stranger to eating pussy or eating sucking cock for that matter.
As you can see by her recent success Stoya is clearly one of the hottest up and coming pornstars out there. So I’m really glad to she now has her own custom Fleshlight and I bet you are too, you horny sob. 🙂

Video interview with Stoya:
Goth Girl Next Door, Alt Porn Star, or just plain Gorgeous. Call her what you want, the mind-blowing Stoya is the newest Fleshlight Girl. With her light green eyes, silky dark hair, and milky white complexion, Stoya’s a tall, lean, all-natural girl that radiates sex from every orifice.

Pictures of Stoya:

Stoya Fleshlight girl

More info on the Stoya Fleshlight:
Stoya’s offical website:
Follow Stoya on Twitter: @Stoya

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