Stoya Destroya Fleshlight Review

Stoya Destroya Fleshlight Review

After just finishing up the Jenna Haze Swallow review and the Aletta Ocean Primal review I decided that it was time to give the new Stoya Destroya Fleshlight a run for its money.

When I first saw the new Stoya Fleshlights I was amazed over the build quality, this is a solid sex toy. It also looks very realistic, more so then the other FLG models. The Stoya Pussy and Butt Fleshlights in particular. You can see every little wrinkle in her ass hole as well as on her pussy lips. The guy making the mold did a great job! If you scroll down a bit you can see pictures of the different Stoya orifices.

Video of Stoya and her Fleshlight:

Video of Stoya fucking her fleshlight

OMG Stoya has a Fleshlight!
I was not sure what to expect from of Stoya Destroya Fleshlight at first. Looking at the pictures it kinda looks like it would hurt to put your penis inside there. I don’t know about you but I do not like putting my dick anyway near sharp pointy objects. Luckily the fangs inside the Destroya are soft and actually feels good around your dick. It you where a fan of the Vampire Fleshlight called Succu-Dry you are going to love the Stoya Destroya. The vampire fangs are longer and they also face different directions so you never get bored with inside the Destroya. Every other inch has a different flavor to it so you’ll get to experience lots of variation with every stroke you take.

Fucking the Stoya Destroya from behind:
Something I always do with my Fleshlight is to fuck them the other way, I flip it and enter the tiny hole in the back. This is a great way to mix it up if you ever get bored of the same sensation every time you play around with your Fleshlight. The Stoya Destroya felt totally different when I entered it from behind. As you saw in the picture of the Destroya texture the end of the sleeve gets tighter and tighter. This means that when penetrating it from behind it kinda feels like you are having anal sex. It’s super tight at first but looses up the deeper you go. When you pull out it feels just like when a girls butt hole contracts, almost like it pushes you out. So if you like it tight I recommend trying to fuck the Fleshlight from behind.

Orgasm inside the Stoya Destroya:
This is where the Stoya Destroya really shines. I mentioned the long fangs inside Stoyas pussy earlier. When you are about to cum something magical happens inside the Fleshlight. The ribs and fangs works your cock like a god damn all star team. The long fangs are massaging your head while the tiny ribs grabs a hold around your pulsating shaft. I also mentioned that towards the end of the Destroya it gets tighter and tighter. The tight ribbed canal feels awesome and really turned me on a extra notch. I stood up and fucked it as fast and deep as I could, I could feel that I was about to explode when I entered the teeth/fang chamber on the third stroke. My dick was pulsating harder and faster every time I jerked the Fleshlight up and down. After fucking Stoya for 5-6 minutes I just couldn’t hold it anymore, I came inside the fang section of the Fleshlight and was shocked how incredibly good it felt. This might sound weird, but imagine a Octopus giving you a hand job or lots and lots of little fingers massing and pulling your gland back and forth. Anyways, the fangs makes the experience of fucking the Stoya Destroya very intense. It might get a little time to get used to the fangs if you have a super sensitive penis but even then it’s worth it because Stoya Destroya texture really gives you a one of a kind orgasm.

If I had got to pick two of the four available Stoya Fleshlights I would pick the Swallow as number 1 and the Destroya as number 2. The Lotus texture just isn’t as exiting as the Destroya. Sure the Lotus mimics the feeling of real vaginal intercourse but the Destroya is more exiting simply because of all the variety. It’s subtle and intense at the same time. And if you like tight pussies the Destroya is the one for you. I even prefer it over the tight Stoya Forbidden Anal Fleshlight.
More variety equals more bang for the buck and that’s why I like the Destroya so much. So if I had to choose which Fleshlight to buy as of July 2010 I would definitely be picking up one of Stoya little fucks holes before any other Fleshlight model. Stoya is just too hot!

Link to Stoya Destroya
Link to pictures and video of the Stoya Fleshlight

Lets have a look at the inside of the Stoya Destroya Texture:
Stoya Destroya Fleshlight Texture
The Stoya Destroya is a mixture a lot of different textures.
Bumps, tiny ribs, big fangs, small fangs and it varies in thickness which makes the Fleshlight flight so much more fun and exciting the in the regular Fleshlight sleeves.

Pictures of all the different Stoya Fleshlight Orifices:

Stoya Vagina
Stoya Destroya Vagina Fleshlight
Stoya Anal
Stoya Anal Fleshlight
Stoya Mouth
Stoya Swallow Mouth Fleshlight


  1. After having used my classic pink lady for three years, i thought it was time to try something new. So i ordered the Stoya Destroya Fleshlight and recieved it after 2 days. I just gave it a run (for about to hours, i like it very slow)and must give a comment. Wow, this realy feels better, where the classic pink lady seemed to be the best toy ever. Good job, i’m very pleased with this new toy.

    • Hey, thanks for your comment. I’m glad to hear that you liked the Stoya Destroya. There really is a huge difference compared to the smooth non-textured sleeves.

      Happy Flying!

  2. disculpen, entre la textura Lotus y Destroya cual me recomiendan usar yo que soy primerizo, ademas tengo el pene algo pequeño, en cuanto a lo ajustado quiero pedir el ano tambien, asi que cual de las dos recomiendan, saludos.

  3. I love my Stoya Destroya Fleshlight! I have been using it almost everyday since if I got it.

  4. Well I was totally looking forward to the Stoya Destroya but got sent the lotus instead. Didn’t know it until I totally fucked it. Thought it was bad form to bitch and say “Hey, I want my Destroya!” after banging the shit out of the one that was sent me…… so one day….

    These reviews kind of make me desirous.

    Stoya is the shit.

    • Hey dude.

      You should have let customer support known that they sent you the wrong one. They are pretty good about that stuff, you would probably have gotten a coupon code or something.

      But I would have done the same thing. There is no way you can resist trying that thing out when you finally get your hands on it no matter what type of sleeve insert it is.

      There is a huge difference in sensations between the Lotus and Destroya. So when you have the extra money to spend on another Fleshlight, you gotta try the Stoya Destroya out for sure!

  5. Hola

    I am interested in the Stoya Destroya as it says it gives the most intense orgasms ever, do you recommend it? My previous experiences with FL textures are the STU which is good for stroking (although I wish it was a little more tight) but I do not liked the fact that when you reach a climax you cannot fully enjoy the orgasm because pleasure transforms into pain, however after some use you can get more used to it.

    The other FL I’ve tried recently is the Primal Tarra White and I liked the fact that the pussy entrance is a little tight and I absolutely loved the kinda “cervix” mimic ring near the end of the FL (I am not bragging penis size is just I am tall guy and my body parts are proportional… thanks playing basketball in the past).
    Orgasms are very good and superior to those in the STU (as you can fully enjoy them without the annoying pain of the STU) but I wish the pussy was more tight in the whole tunnel and not only in the entrance (the pussy tunnel is even less tight than the STU).

    I wish thinking seriously in purchasing the Stoya Destroya as everybody seems to agree it gives the most intense strong orgasm ever, do you recommend it to me based on my previous experiences?

    I was thinking bestween stoya destroya and jesse gauntled texture but this last seems very similar (at least in the photos) to the primal texture (private girls) just in the inverse way. Which one is better Destroya or Gauntled in your experience?

    Also could you please recommend a very tight FL texture? I was seriously thinking of purchasing a butt-ass texture (for simulating anal sex) ??

    Muchas Gracias (Thank you very much)

  6. Hola Fernando.

    The Stoya Destroya Fleshlight really is awesome and I think it fits your needs perfectly. The entrance is pretty tight and the end section gets tighter and tighter as you can see from the picture of the Destroya texture. If you want to make the entire Fleshlight tighter you can use Tie-Wraps or Cable ties ( and strap them around the texture. It’s a cheap and easy way to make the sleeves as tight as you want but you have to be careful so you don’t damage the sleeve by pulling to tight.

    If you don’t want to mess around with that stuff you could just fuck the Fleshlight in the end hole instead of the front. The Swallow Fleshlights gets pretty tight when you flip them around and use them that way. So by using straps or flipping the Fleshlights around you don’t really need to buy the Anal version, it’s not that big a difference between the Swallow and Forbidden since they are smooth on the inside. the Anal version looks like a real butt hole so if that gets you going it might be worth it to you. Both of those textures are pretty gentle on your cock when you climax inside them, it’s easier to fully enjoy the orgasm because of the smoothness.

    Anyways, I hope that helps.
    Good luck!

  7. I just bought myself one of the Stoya fleshlight, I came accross on the internet and just moved out to my new place after ending a 3 years relationship, I did not get the destroya though, I am wondering If you tried the Lotus version of that fleshlight, or anything similar, I did not find alot of reviews of it I wonder if I made a good choice, I’m pretty sure I’ll be please even though.

    • Hey, yes I have tried the Lotus sleeve. It was the first Fleshlight I ever bought and I did enjoy it, still do. The material the Fleshlights are made up of is so soft and life-like that you are guaranteed to have a great experience with all of the FL sleeves that are available.

      After trying out a lot of other sleeves my opinion of the original Lotus sleeve have shifted somewhat. I still enjoy it but I like the Destroya Fleshlight better simply because it’s more intense and offers more variety ( varying texture & tightness).

      The lotus is completely smooth on the inside which means that I have to work a little harder to reach climax and orgasm. I also think the Lotus sleeve is suited best for guys with large penises. To fully enjoy the Lotus texture you should be 7+ inches long.

      The first “FLight” is not always the best since it can take a couple of tries to get used to using a Fleshlight so don’t give up if it doesn’t blow your mind right away. Hope you like it, Good luck!

  8. I have to say thank you for this recommendation. The Destroya is one INTENSE tight ride. Although similar to the Gauntlet in feel the long “teeth” and the front chamber really do the job. I do find that it leaves me with a powerful orgasm and it gets me cumming extremely fast.
    With that, three of my fleshlights are getting me off quick, my sensitivity I feel is high. I have the forbidden which is great for that nice warm up in the beginning of a session or for a nice long session. I would like to add one more that I could have that was not so intense as the destroya.
    I am looking at Love Humps or the Ariel Vortex. What would you go with for a still great feeling and a longer session?

    • “Vortex or Love Humps Fleshlight?”

      I wrote about that topic a while ago:

      I would personally go with the Vortex and I know a lot of other guys would as well. I like the feeling of those grooves running through the entire sleeve. However it would not be a mistake at all to buy the Love Humps texture. As you can see in the poll it’s actually kinda close. My money is on the Ariel Vortex though.

  9. I am curious about whether you are circumcised or not? I think for some textures it can make a difference.

  10. As my ID indicates I have considerable girth 6.75 inches in circumference with 8.3 inches in length. I have concerns of the various sleeves accommodating my size. Any suggestions. Reply viz my email , please

    • I can fit my fist inside a Fleshlight so you are not going to have any issues but it is going to be tight for sure. The Stoya Destroya is a pretty intense sleeve so if you are very sensitive it can become uncomfortable during the orgasm.

      These three sleeves are less intense and not as tight, Alexis Texas Tornado, Asa Akira Dragon or Lisa Ann Barracuda.

      FYI, any Fleshlight that you buy is going to feel amazing when it’s heated and lubricated. There are no bad Fleshlights really.

  11. Just buy it you cock will send you christmas cards for the rest of your life!

  12. Thanks for a great site! Pussy Stoya Destroya is really gorgeous!

    The first question; How often you need to use the facilities to care for fleshlight?
    To keep it for a longer period.

    The second question; Please tell me more interesting texture and are not necessarily the vagina?

    Thanks in advance

    • To make your Fleshlight last for years all you have to do is clean it out with water after each use and let it dry. It’s really easy.

      One of my favorite textures is the Swallow which comes with a Mouth instead of a vagina. It simulates a blowjob pretty good. The lips feels really realistic.


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