6 creative ways to use a Fleshlight

6 creative ways to use a Fleshlight

How do you use the Fleshlight?

Well, there are many different ways you can have sex with your Fleshlight.
You can of course use it like you are supposed to, the old fashioned jerk it back and forth way. But here are a couple of variations of Fleshlight use:

  • Shoe or boot Fleshlight method
  • Tucked in between mattress (hands free)
  • Fuck it without the case
  • Have your girlfriend fuck you with the Fleshlight
  • Fleshlight Motion

    The Fleshlight Shoe Method

    It’s true that it feels better fucking a Fleshlight without using your hand to jerk it back and forth. It feels more like having real sex.
    Some horny dude came up with the Shoe Fleshlight trick which is very hands free indeed. What makes the shoe method special is the angle your fleshlight is put at. It’s the same angle you penetrate a woman when you are on top of her and holding her legs.

    The Fleshlight Shoe Method

    photo via http://www.heyepiphora.com/2009/09/review-fleshlight/

    Just as a little aside, I know a lot of women who loves that position. When you push her legs towards her head her butt and pussy will stick up in the air which allows for deeper penetration which means that you will be able to hit her g-spot with your cock. If you hit it right she will squirt!

    Anyways, back to the shoe fucking.
    Shoes will low profiles (trainers, sneakers etc) work best if you are after the missionary angle but any type of shoe works. Just stick the whole Fleshlight case down the shoe, make sure it’s sits steady in there. Put the shoe on a flat surface like your floor or carpet and you are ready to start fucking. Oh but don’t forget to warm up the Fleshlight Sleeve first and squirt some lube on it.

    Video of guy fucking a Fleshlight in a shoe:

    Use mattress to mount Fleshlight

    Alien sex with Yoda

    This is a very popular method to use the Fleshlight.
    Simply put the Fleshlight between your mattress and spring-box bed and start fucking. You can also mount the Fleshlight between two pillows, this allows you to move around your “fuck-setup” so you can alternatve between different positions.

    You can also wrap the Fleshlight in a towel and stuff it between the cushions on your couch and fuck it doggy style. This is a pretty simple method that doesn’t take a lot of time to set up.

    Go pro with Fleshlight Motion

    If you don’t like the mattress and pillow methods and you feel like you want to invest in a more robust fucking setup then you should check out the Fleshlight Motion.
    Fleshlight Motion is basicly specially designed fucking furniture.
    They come in different versions that simulate the more popular sexual positions like Doggy, Cowgirl and the old fashioned missionary position. The Fleshlight Motion is a pretty great way to train and to get used fucking for real. If you feel a little unsure of what to do in bed I would recommend you to try out the Fleshlight Motion to get a handle of how it feels to fuck from all of these different positions. Getting great in bed takes practice and this piece of fucking furniture will help you get better.

    Using the Fleshlight outside of the case

    Yes, you can remove the Fleshlight sleeve and use it outside of the case. The Fleshlight is very durable and won’t break, trust me!
    With the Fleshlight sleeve outside of the case you can use it in many different and fun ways.
    You can now easily penetrate the Fleshlight from the other side which is great if don’t happen to have a ten inch penis because you get to experience a new part of the Fleshlight texture that you can’t reach if you use it the traditional way.
    I highly recommend trying this method because your old Fleshlight texture will feel new and exciting again.

    The second caseless Fleshlight method is using both of your hands to jerk off with.
    I call it the double Fleshlight tugjob.
    What you do is to put you cock inside the sleeve and push it down to your balls and tug away. Imagine getting a handjob but the hands feels like a pussy. You are getting jerked off by two vagina hands!

    Have someone else fuck you with the Fleshlight

    One of the hotter ways to use a Fleshlight is to not use it at all but have someone else do the fucking for you! I know lot of girls that get very turned on watching cocks penetrate deep inside another pussy. Ask your girlfriend or boyfriend for that matter if they would like to spice things up by bringing a Fleshlight into the bedroom.
    You should try it out, it’s pretty fun and like I said girls love it.

    Creative Fleshlight uses that didn’t make the list:

    Pumpkin Fleshlight:

    Macguyver Fleshlight Doll:

    Who needs the Fleshlight when we got roast beef!

    Happy flying!


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