Signature Textured Fleshlights Are Back

Signature Textured Fleshlights Are Back

Well, I don’t know what is going on but the signature textures from the Fleshlight Girl line is back.

Try Tera Patrick Twista Fleshlight if you missed it before.


I think these realistic porn star vagina sex toys where more popular then they initially thought. The idea of fucking a porn star is really hot but you also want that pocket pussy to come with a great texture. So, they are all back again and hopefully it will stay that way.


  1. Well, I am happy they are back, but I can’t seem to shake of the feeling that I was outrageously fooled into buying a freaking lot of the sigantures and stretching my credit card limit quite thin last month. It feels like a really crappy marketing strategy intended to manipulate the avid collector into making some panic purchases… Well it worked… But I hope they make up for that crap somehow. I want more freebees again!

    • Yes I see what you are saying. Kinda feels like they where jerking us around, I bought a couple of back up sleeves myself but I don’t think it was done on purpose.

      I’m glad that they are back and the new Built Your own options are pretty sweet. I have a thing for the mouth orifices, would be cool to combine that with the Destroya texture. Anyways, thanks for your comment!

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