Riley Steele Nipple Alley Fleshlight Review

Review of Riley Steele Fleshlight Nipple Alley

Before I get into the review of Riley Steele Nipple Alley Fleshlight I gotta give her props for her role in Piranha 3D. I think it’s very cool that more and more Porn Stars gets the chance to star in mainstream movies. Sasha Gray is another porn star that has acted in mainstream movies and in the television show Entourage. There’s no Sasha Gray Fleshlight though (yet). Most of the people that saw the Piranha 3D movie probably wasn’t aware that Riley Steele actually is a Porn Star. So when they got home and googled Riley Steele and saw a bunch of naked pictures, video clips and a Fleshlight with her name on it they must have been pleasantly surprised. No need to wait for that secret sex tape because it’s already out there!

Anyways back to my little Riley Steele Nipple Alley review

Riley Steele Piranha 3D Fleshlight

The Nipple Alley texture was released in the spring of 2010 along with 8 other Fleshlight Girls signature textures. So all the Porn Stars got a brand new texture to go along side the popular Lotus Vagina insert.

The Nipple Alley gets the job done but it’s not that exciting

I’m gonna be honest, the Riley Steele’s Nipple Alley is not the most exciting Fleshlight Texture out there. It’s not bad but it’s not mind blowing either. It’s very similar to the Speed Bump and Stamina Training Unit texture. There are slight variations in the bumps but they are very subtle. Personally I prefer the multi textured Fleshlights such as the Primal or Stoya Destroya. I like those types of Fleshlights better because every other inch feels different, it’s hard to get bored with the sensation, every stroke always feels fresh and exciting. It’s also easier for me to justify spending 60 to 80 dollars on a Fleshlight that I know feels totally different from the rest of the line up.

Look at it this way, if you do not own the Speed Bump or Stamina Training Unit Fleshlight you now got a third option. The Riley Steele Nipple Alley Fleshlight feels very similar to both of them but since this is a Porn Star signature Fleshlight it looks like a real vagina and the skin tone also looks more realistic. In fact, all the new Fleshlight Girl models feels softer and more human then the generic Lady Fleshlights. You have to pay 10-15 dollars more but if you are a fan of Riley Steele and fantasize of fucking her you will not be disappointed by the Nipple Alley. The reason why the FLG series is so popular is because a lot of guys have sexual fantasies about these Porn stars and the signature Fleshlights makes that dream (almost) come true. The pussy looks exactly the same, the skin is super soft and feels like human skin so when you pop in your favorite Riley Steele DVD it doesn’t take much to get the juices going.
Riley Steele Nipple Alley Fleshlight

Get the Riley Steel Fleshlight if you are a fan

The Nipple Alley is not bad by any means, it feels good! I was just a little disappointed since it totally reminded me of how the Speed Bump and STU feels. I wanted something else, something new and exciting!

However, if you are a fan of Riley Steele you should definitely buy the Nipple Alley Fleshlight but if you already own or have used the STU or Speed Bump you might want to get the Lotus instead. If all you want is that realistic look and feel by all means get the Nipple Alley. It works and it will definitely make you come just like all the other Fleshlights. I have yet to try a Fleshlight that has failed in that department!

Riley Steele and all the other Porn Star Fleshlights are available at

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  1. Well let me start out by saying I own 2 Fleshlights- the Lady Lager Sex in a can model and Riley Steele nipple alley. To give you a better idea of this review and how it pertains to you, as far as myself, my cock is average thicknessand about 6 3/4″ long

    I absolutely love the look of the Riley Steele pussy! Those lips were what first attracted me to purchasing this particular model of Fleshlight. I am a sucker for pussy lips that are small and tight looking in appearance which exactly what Riley’s looks like.
    After reading the reviews, the nipple alley texture is the one I chose between it and the lotus since my Lady Lager model is the mini-lotus texture, i already knew what that was like.
    It does feel nice and very realistic, but the texture is not as interesting as i had hoped for and not as tight which is not necessarily a bad thing, its just not as snug as my other model.
    A little bit of a let down after reading all the great reviews, but for long sessions, I think it would be perfect.
    Not making this into a bad review, just being honest. The first time I lubed it up and penetrated those lips though….wow!. I still came rather quickly (about 3 min) but I think that might have been from watching my cock slide in and out of those tight little lips rather than the texture. I am very visual like that 😉
    Anyway, all in all, not a bad purchase. I just think that I was looking for a more entertaining and interesting texture than my other fleshlight and feel like maybe I should have chosen one like the Stoya Destroya or Jesse Jane Gauntlet models instead since they have a lot of texture and variation
    Still give it a 4 star rating
    Got a great deal on it too! Purchased at for $57 bucks with a promotion code “Thankyou”

  2. I wonder which flesh light I should buy the first is Jesse Jane, and the second is Riley Steele which one to buy?

    • I prefer the Jesse Jane one because it’s more stimulating. Riley Steele’s Fleshlight is good too but it’s more realistic feeling meaning that it takes longer to reach orgasm. But it all comes down to how sensitive your cock is.

  3. The Riley Steele fleshlight is fantastic I have bought this today and it feel really nice,the pussy is tight and the sensation is amazing.I recommend it.


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