Riley Steele Butt And Mouth Fleshlight All Ways Pack Are Waiting For You

Riley Steele Fleshlight All Ways Pack

The Blonde Fleshlight Vixen Riley Steele’s Fleshlight lineup finally got updated. I have been anticipating the release of Riley’s Mouth (Swallow) and Butt (Forbidden Anal) Fleshlights for months now so I almost missed it when they finally where released a couple of days ago.

Videos of the Riley Steele Fleshlights:

riley steele making of fleshlight mold video
Making of Riley Steele Fleshlight Mold Video

riley steele fucking fleshlight with a vibrator
Riley Steele Fucking Herself & Fleshlight Video

Non of the sleeves comes with any new textures unfortunately so if you already own a Forbidden, Swallow or Lotus Fleshlight I can’t really recommend buying another one unless you are a collector of Porn Star sex toys or if you really feel the urge to have an air tight session with Riley Steele!

Riley Steele Butt Fleshlight:

riley steele fleshlight anal butt version

Riley Steele Mouth Fleshlight:

riley steele blowjob fleshlight

Riley Steele Vagina Fleshlight:

Riley Steele Naked With Fleshlight Sex Toy

The complete Riley Steele Fleshlight collection comes with all 3 of her holes (Pussy, Butt, Mouth) and is available on


  1. short question: is forbinn texture realistic?

    And are the difference between which models butt i choose (tightness)

    • Hi, all the Forbidden sleeves are the same and yes they feel and look very realistic. The orifices are different but not so much that you would notice a difference in tightness.

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