Review of the Original Fleshlight Models

Fleshlight Review of the Original Fleshlight Lady

It’s time for another Fleshone Fleshlight Review. I have taken a closer look at the Original Smooth textured models. I have not put up a review for any of the Original Fleshlight models on this site and my reason for not doing that is because there are in my opinion way better options out there. But I figured I might as well let you all know why I think that’s the case.

The Smooth Lady Fleshlight is what made this company what it is today. The Original Lady Fleshlight is still to this day one of the better selling texture out of all the different sleeve versions. I find this a little odd since the newer models feel so much better but that’s the texture that the Fleshlight is automatically associated with so I guess it makes sense.

I personally do not think that Original Lady Fleshlight is that good. It’s kinda boring but it does get job done. That’s why I have been writing mostly about the new Fleshlight models such as the Stoya Destroya, the Swallow and the Primal Fleshlights.

If you would have asked me 3-4 years ago my answer would have been the opposite. At the time when the Lady FL was introduced it was in fact pretty awesome. There was nothing like out on the market that felt this soft and human skin-like. It feels much (!!!) better then using your own hand but does not feel like a pussy, it feels more like rubbing against someone’s butt crack haha. I say that it doesn’t feel like a really pussy due to the smooth inner texture. A real vagina is not smooth like that on the inside, there are lots of texture variation and subtle changes in tightness and softness.

Original Lady Fleshlight

original lady fleshlight size inside texture
The Inner channel diameter is 3/4 inch (30mm)

So would I recommend buying one of the Original Smooth textures as the one inside the Lady Fleshlight? No, I would not simply because there are so many other Fleshlight models that does a better job giving pleasure and stimulating your penis. The one advantage the Lady FL has is that it’s priced lower then the Fleshlight Girls and Fleshjack models but sensation wise it does not beat say the Stoya or Swallow Fleshlight. If you are lucky to find the Original Fleshlight for $20-$30 bucks I say definitely go buy it but I would not buy it for $60-$70 dollars. For that kind of money you can get a way better Fleshlight. The Stamina Training Unit Fleshlight is priced at $69.95 and that is a much better deal. The STU FL is not smooth on the inside it has little round balls that does a great job stimulating your cock, almost too good a job actually. It’s hard to control yourself inside the STU but that’s why it’s called the Training Unit.

There are some cases where I would recommend picking up the Lady Fleshlight and that is if you have a preference for very tight holes or have a thinnish dick. Not everyone is lucky enough to be equipped with large thick penises so for men with less girth the super-tight and ultra-tight Fleshlights are great alternatives. Maybe you always wanted to try out anal sex but don’t know anyone that wants to get fucked in the butt by you. Then the Super/Ultra-tight sleeves combined with the Butt/Anal orifice makes a great substitute for anal sex. If anything the Original Fleshlight feels more like fucking someone in the ass then in the pussy.

The three levels of Fleshlight tightness/thickness:
fleshlight thickness and tightness comparison original super and ultra tight

Super Tight Fleshlight

super tight fleshlight size inside texture width
The inner canal diameter on the Super Tight sleeve is 1/2 inch (13 mm)

Ultra Tight Fleshlight

ultra tight lady fleshlight size inner texture width
The inner canal diameter on the Ultra Tight sleeve is 1/4 inch (10 mm)

The Ultra Tight Fleshlight lives up to it’s name, it really is ultra tight! So if you have a penis with a smaller girth this is a good alternative for you if you ever wanted to know how it feels to have sex with a Fleshlight. You should also check out the Japanese Fleshlight-like sex toys at They probably have over 50 different sex toy models for men with smaller penises to choose from, they are pretty cheap too so that is a good alternative to the Ultratight Fleshlight.

So to wrap up this Fleshlight Review I can say this, the Original Fleshlight sure has a place in the FL line up but for $50-60 dollars you are better off getting one of the higher end Fleshlights such as the Stamina Training Unit or one of the Fleshlight Girl models, Stoya Destroya. You’ll get more bang for your buck so to speak and all of the models mentioned above offer more variety in sexual sensations. The smooth lady Fleshlight is smooth all the way from the beginning to the end while the Stoya Destroya has multiple texture nodes that work together very well and mimics a real vagina much better then the Lady FL.

Buy one if you can find it cheap if not go for one of the more exclusive sex toy models mentioned above.


  1. I would like to comment on two things in this review:

    Firstly, I think the Ultra Tight has a bad and unwarranted stigma to it. I think most people that criticize it look at it and think it’s going to be tight and uncomfortable. However, two of the most popular sleeves that Fleshlight offers are the Swallow and Forbidden textures. Both of these textures utilize the Ultra Tight texture at the end of the sleeves. I haven’t hard anyone complain that the Ultra Tight is too tight in those sleeves. So when people make comments saying it is for smaller penises or that it is uncomfortable, I think they are either trying to give themselves a false ego boost by making it sound like they have a big dick (why do men do that?) or they are just saying what others have said and they believe. I don’t know if you own an Ultra Tight and that’s your true feelings. If it is, then I’m glad you actually tried it before criticizing it. If not, then I see no point in suggesting it is a tight or uncomfortable sleeve if you’ve never tried it. I do own an Ultra Tight and I don’t find it tight or uncomfortable at all. And with a 7 inch member, I’ll never boast about being large but I’m not small either.

    The second thing I would like to comment on is the smooth textures in general. I find the smooth textures to be boring if I’m just using them by themselves. However, I find that they truly shine if you use them with a textured sleeve. If you rotate between the two (or three or more), then I think you’ll find that the textured sleeve makes the smooth texture feel even smoother and like absolute silk. Then when you pull out of the smooth texture and go back into the textured sleeve, those textures will stand out even more pronounced since your dick is so used to the smoothness of the smooth sleeves. It’s really the best way to use the smooth sleeves.

  2. This is the third time I’m writing this reply. Browser crashed twice! 🙁

    So, first of all thanks for sharing your thoughts and commenting here MM.

    You are right the Ultra Tight Fleshlight is not only for smaller penises. Don’t get me wrong, if you are hard and have a nice lubed up Ultra Fleshlight before you that cock is definitely getting in there. One of the great things about the Fleshlight compared to other male sex toys is the flexible material so yes you will fit inside the Ultra. I also think the Ultra is great for anal sex simulation. I know a couple of dudes that really love it just because it lets them live out their anal sex fantasies.

    Your are absolutely correct about the ego thing by the way! I just wanted to recommend the Ultra Tight FL to those who are on the smaller size because they will not enjoy texture as the Lotus to the fullest. Like people in Japan and other parts of Asia. The sex toys they are used to are really snug fits compared to most of the Fleshlight textures. So I recommend getting the Ultra for a smooth transition (no pun intended :-p)

    Also, thanks for that dual Fleshlight method tip. When the dick gets used to the texture it gets a little less exciting so I think you are on to something there. Thanks!

  3. What I really want to know is, do you always need to use lubricant with it? Is possible to use it without and still enjoy it? What about homemade lubricants?

  4. I have the Original lady! Let me give a little review:
    I don’t find it boring at all, like you said! Well, compared to the other fleshlight this one might be a little bit less stimulating than the STU for example, but I wouldn’t call it boring! Well warmed and lubed, the original lady gives what no other fleshlight gives – the chance to prolong you session to 40-60 min without stopping to reload or pause and thus giving you the biggest orgasm ever! Its not the best In terms of pure stimulation, but man, if you wanna enjoy the act as long as you can (some people dont like HIT N RUN)! Everybody is different, and there are plenty choices for each taste! Me personaly, I wouldn’t trade the original lady for anything!

  5. You make a good point. Combining the Lady with a more intense sleeve like the Stoya Destroya and switching between them feels really good. I prefer to use the Love Humps or Vortex for longer sessions because I need a little extra stimulation to not get bored but like you say everybody is different. Glad you enjoy it and thanks for your review.

  6. The problem I have with the Original Fleshlight is the orifices are downright ugly, the pink lady in particular is hideous, it looks nothing like a real vagina. They really need to refresh the Original line with new orifices molded from a real person.

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