Using the Aletta Ocean Primal Fleshlight

Review of Aletta Ocean Fleshlight

This is the first article of my Fleshlight review series where I will give you a detailed review and in depth description on how it feels to use the new Fleshlights. In this article I will be talking about of one of the most exiting textures of 2010, the Aletta Ocean Private FLG Fleshlight.

I will be also be covering the new Fleshlight Girl textures, the Swallow Fleshlight as well as the Stoya Destroya Fleshlight. These Fleshlights quickly became my favorites after using them for a couple of weeks. So you can expect an all around positive review but I’ll go in to more detail on what sets these three sleeve inserts apart from each other.

Buying the Aletta Ocean Primal Fleshlight:

The Private Fleshlight collection was introduced in the beginning of June 2010. Private is of course the European porn studio with a stable of the finest women in the world. The four girls chosen to get their own personal Fleshlights where Aletta Ocean, Tarra White, Angelika Black and Lucy Belle.

Promo video with the new Private Fleshlight Girls:

When you purchase your sex toy from the Fleshlight gets delivered in the usual plain cardboard box so there is no way to see the contents of the box. If you pay with a credit card your bill will say “ILF”. This is good if you got nosy neighbors or roommates. I personally do not give a damn if someone finds my Fleshlight but to some it might be embarrassing. You can also pick up a Fleshlight from your local sex shop if you so desire, they are usually a bit more expensive there though. If you buy it from the Fleshlight Online Shop you can get the Primal Sleeve Texture and the red case for $79.95 (Free US shipping if you shop for $100 or more) Anyways, so I open up my Aletta Ocean Fleshlight and this is what I find inside.

A slick looking red case and a very nice looking pussy. The new Pornstar pussy molds are getting more and more detailed, you can definitely see that this is Aletta Ocean’s vagina.
You can’t really see the various sections of nodes, fingers and ridges since this texture isn’t transparent but you will definitely feel them as you start pushing your dick inside of it. Here is a picture of the inside of the Primal texture:

Aletta Oceans Fleshlight

9.5 inches of Aletta Ocean for you to dive into

My first time fucking the Aletta Ocean Primal Fleshlight:

The engineers must really have embraced the feedback from the FL fans and created some sort of mash up of popular textures.
It looks like there’s a little bit of everything in there, I see the STU, Speedbump and ridges from the Lotus insert. There many different sections inside this texture, each one with a unique feel.

Something I always do with my Fleshlights is to finger them to see how real they feel, you know kinda like foreplay. I was not disappointed, the Aletta Ocean sleeve felt very realistic especially after I wet my fingers with saliva and jammed them inside her pussy. I’m getting pretty horny by now so I put on my favorite Aletta Ocean DVD to watch while I am stroking my cock.
I had already warmed up the Fleshlight with really hot water and I had the lube ready to go right next to me. I was really excited by this point, it’s kinda like having sex for the first time in a way, you feel the butterflies in your stomach and you have to struggle so you don’t cum too fast.

So I start to rub my now rock hard cock between her pussy lips. Aletta’s skin feels silky smooth against my throbbing gland. My cock glides inside the tight opening of the Fleshlight and I feel the first mini bumps tingle the head ever so slightly. As I penetrate deeper it kinda feels like the pussy is eating my cock, sucking it down deeper inside. I think I’m in the center of the Fleshlight now, I feel the little finger nodes and it already feels like I’m about to cum. I jerk it back and forth a couple of times and it feels fucking awesome! I can feel all the different parts of the Fleshlight working together in harmony.

Even after 5 minutes of fucking my dick is continuing to grow and get harder. I have to unscrew the cap of the Fleshlight because it’s getting almost to tight for me. There we go, my cock slides in and out much quicker now. I noticed that the sound the Fleshlight makes is also pretty realistic, it sounds like you are pounding a really wet pussy, the faster you go the louder and wetter it sounds (you can adjust this on the back of the fleshlight with the back end cap).

The closer I get to climax the better the Primal Fleshlight feels, I guess you get more sensitive as your are about to cum. I thrust as deep inside of Aletta as I physically can and right as I’m about to pop I enter the last chamber with the Lotus ridge and the soft little teeth. It feels like its pulling my head towards itself and just when I thought it couldn’t feel any better I climax deep inside the Fleshlight. And boy, it felt so amazing that I almost blacked out! I could feel the blood rushing through my shaft and into the tip of my cock. Jy heart started to beat faster and faster, I knew was reaching the peak of my orgasm and I blew the largest load of sperm ever inside Alettas Fleshlight. I sat there with a huge grin on my face seeing stars flimmer before my eyes as jizz started dripping out of her pussy lips. Mission complete! I just fucked the Aletta Ocean Fleshlight for the first time and I felt really good about myself.

The combination of watching Aletta Ocean get pounded in the ass in one of her movies while fucking her Fleshlight really made this a super intense sexual experience. When was the last time you actually moaned when you masturbated? I certainly can’t remember having myself making loud noises doing that. Well, when I came inside of Aletta Ocean I couldn’t help myself and I let off a little Braveheart scream. I hope I didn’t wake anyone up. 🙂 At the time I could have cared less, it felt so good!

Primal Fleshlight

The Primal Fleshlight was the first sex toy I really fell in love with. It’s still one of my all time favorites!

The Primal texture offers lots of variety and never gets boring. Adjust the suction to your liking and you will have and awesome Fleshlight session. One of the best Fleshlight sleeves out there.

Rating by Fleshone: 5.0 stars

There you have it, that’s my first flight inside of Aletta Oceans Primal Fleshlight.
It can be difficult to describe the sensation of using a Fleshlight since it’s pretty a subjective experience but I fucking loved it and I not heard any negative comments about the Primal texture yet!

Link to The Fleshlight Online store
Link to Videos of Aletta Ocean, Black Angelika, Tarra White and Lucy Belle
Link to Videos of all the other Fleshlight Girls

If you have tried out any of the Fleshlights in the Private Collection Series please comment on this article below and let me know what you think.

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