Real Fleshlight VS Fake Fleshlight – How To Tell The Difference


I have been seeing lots of fake Fleshlights for sale on various sex toy shops lately. It would be a real shame if someone tricked you into paying full price for a fake Chinese pirate Fleshlight. The sex toys they make in China are often made with cheap and toxic materials that you most definitively do not want your penis inside.

Real Authentic Fleshlights looks like this:

real authentic fleshlight case

Authentic Case With Fleshlight Logo On Side


Authentic Fleshlight (Lisa Ann Model)

real fleshlight packaging

Authentic Fleshlight Packaging

All of the below are Fake Fleshlights


Fake Fleshlight

cheap fake chinese fleshlight knockoff

Nice try but it is also FAKE! Look closely at the case.

fake honey pot flashlight vagina


You can tell the difference by looking at the case, orifice design and packaging but some of the knock off Fleshlights are harder to tell apart from the authentic ones. So keep an eye on the spelling on the packaging or what the sex toy shop is naming the product. It’s not Flesh Lite, Flashlight Vagina or Flashlight sex toy.

To make sure that you are always getting a real and authentic Fleshlight buy it from


  1. I bought my boyfriend a fleshlight that looks like the second pic on the “fake fleshlight” on this page. What will happen if he uses it for a long time? It says that its toxic.

    • As long as he cleans himself and the fake Fleshlight he will probably be fine but you should consider buying a real Fleshlight or a Tenga. Those two companies make the best sex toys for men.

      These sites sell legit sex toy products for men:

      Double check and compare the Fleshlight you bought with this picture. If the case doesn’t look the same it definitely is a fake.


  2. I bought one from Amazon and it did not come with a sample of lube. I contacted the official site and it turns out that it was sold from an authorized dealer on Amazon. It had a sticker on it covering the American Flag with a sticker over that which says Made in china.

  3. Hold on hold on hold on!!! I have II fake one and let me tell you I’ve only used it for times but so far it’s one of the best toys I’ve ever had and trust me I’ve used a high-end Japanese toy. There’s nothing wrong with having a fake Fleshlight because it’s basically the same damn thing, the insert for the fake fleshlight I got is identical to the stamina training unit on the real deal and I paid $20 less which who left me money for a good bottle of lube. There’s nothing wrong with having the fake one as long as you like it and you’re willing to take that extra step and taking care of it. The fake one works just like the real one, you can still soak it in hot water, you can still use it while it’s in the container it comes with, it’s still super durable ( maybe not as durable) and get this it’s more discreet because it doesn’t say Fleshlight on the side of it!!!! Seems to me like the fake one is more bang for your buck but I can’t speak on the other two models listed.

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