Quickshot Fleshlight Review

fleshlight quickshot review

Here is my Fleshlight Quickshot Review

What is it?

The Quickshot is a mini Fleshlight. For me the biggest difference between regular Fleshlights is the ability to pump through the entire sleeve since it’s only about 3.5 inches in length. You trade the suction from the original Fleshlight with the ability to pump through your orgasm without causing sensory overload. If you buy the Vantage version like I did you also get a cool visual since the texture is transparent.

quickshot fleshlight review

Who is it made for?

The impatient man who wants to get off quick. Since the Quickshot sleeve is small it takes way less time to prepare, use and clean. The entire cleaning process including drying takes a fraction of the time compared to the prep of a regular Fleshlight. You can hold onto it and fuck it but it’s really designed for stroking. Do you use edging techniques to train stamina, the Quickshot is excellent for that.

How does it feel?

Like a regular Fleshlight. Soft, warm and mushy. Experiment with different lube amount. As the water based lube gets thicker the friction will increase and create a different type of sensation. Add saliva to make it slippery again.

quickshot vantage review sex toy

The Clean Up:

Really fast to clean. It literally takes 30 seconds to clean this Fleshlight. Easy to turn inside out for faster drying.

Additional Fleshlight Quickshot Tips & Tricks:

Use your hands to rotate it around your cock like you’re making a fire. The rotation feels really good and different.

Have someone else use it on you will giving you a blowjob. Or if you live alone and have a long dick you can use another Fleshlight simultaneously.

The coolest feature is how it can be used for edging and stamina control. Being in full control and having the ability to push yourself into orgasmic bliss territory. As with any Fleshlight it takes a couple tries to learn how to use it so be patient and experiment with different techniques.

Buy it on Fleshlight.com

Any questions? Leave a comment, I will be happy to help.

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