Misty Stone’s Bump n Grind Fleshlight Gets Reviewed

misty stone black mocha fleshlight review

I’m going to try and keep this Fleshlight review short and sweet. I got Misty Stone’s Bump n Grind texture about 1 month ago but I have been so busy with other stuff so I never got around to sit down and write a review. I read some feedback on various sex toy forums and the general consensus seems to be that it’s good but not mind blowing like some of the other models that I have reviewed and written about in the past. I don’t know if any of you guys have tried the Vortex Fleshlight. Misty Stone’s Bump n Grind feels similar to that model but the little round knobs and jagged inner walls do make a difference. If you’re a fan of the Vortex you will like this model, instead of calling it bump n grind they could have called it Vortex 2.0.

misty stone pocket pussy fleshlight

If you happen to have preference for black girls you will absolutely enjoy Misty Stone’s Bump n Grind Fleshlight. I mean if the look of her mocha colored vagina gets you going you won’t be disappointed because the fantasy of fucking a black chick is probably more important to you then finding the perfect sleeve texture.

If you want a mocha colored model I personally would buy go with the Misty Stone Mouth Fleshlight that comes with the Swallow texture instead. The mold of Misty Stones mouth and lips looks fantastic on that Fleshlight, I think it’s the best mouth cast out of all of the FLG models. Misty got a really nice set of cock sucking lips!

Fleshlight Video: Watch Misty Stone fuck her own Fleshlights
Misty Stone Masturbation Video with Fleshlights

Bump n Grind Fleshlight

Misty Stone’s Bump n Grind Fleshlight made me come but it didn’t blow my mind.

The first Black Fleshlight Girl has four different Fleshlights. Her signature Bump n Grind Fleshlight is not the best one in my opinion. I prefer the Swallow or Forbidden textures.

Rating by Fleshone: 3.0 stars

The Bump n Grind sleeve is not bad by any means but it really doesn’t compare to the Swallow texture or even the Stoya Destroya Fleshlight. It just didn’t grab me like previous textures I have tried but keep in mind that one guys experience may be totally different from the next guy because all this sexual stuff is pretty subjective at the end of the day.

For example someone by the name Mr chocolate left a comment/review on the Misty Stone Fleshlight product page and he writes: “This pussy is the greatest Fleshlight I have used so far and it’s my second one and Misty’s mouth is the third one. The orgasm is so intense that you have to pull your dick out and the nerves in you legs will be shaking”

Sex toys reviews are often very subjective so something that might be meh to me is crack to the next guy. If you have money to blow and think $80 bucks isn’t a mayor investment sure give the Bump n Grind Fleshlight the go but I will be sticking to Misty’s mouth myself!


  1. StarwarsFleshlight?

    About time a Black Women gets a Fleshlight made from her pussy! 😉 I bought Misty Stone’s Mouth Fleshlight from the website a couple of weeks ago and I tear that shit up with my huge cock almost every day. Misty Stone got NICE BLOWJOB LIPS!

  2. I bought this Fleshlight because I am a huge Misty Stone fan and I don’t agree with the review score at all. I am uncircumcised and this Fleshlight feels amazing! I have never had orgasm this good with any other sex toys. I would give it 5/5 stars.

  3. Mistys Fleshlight looks so realistic its crazy! Her Black pussy with pink sugar walls gets me off everytime. Btw I own all her fleshlights, got the full collection. Misty Stone Pussy, Ass and Mouth. Sometimes I use them all at the same time, switching between her ass and mouth feels fucking great

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