Misty Stone Fleshlight Released

Misty Stone Afro Fleshlight Mocha Color

The Misty Stone Mocha Fleshlight is finally here!

They stopped selling the Mocha colored Fleshlight years go but the demand for it never went away. A lot of Fleshlight Fans have been asking ILF to bring it back and today they got their wish granted.
Three New Misty Stone Fleshlights

Misty’s Fleshlight is available now on Fleshlight.com

Video Of Sexy Misty Stone Fucking Herself And Her Fleshlights:

Misty Stone Masturbate with Fleshlight

So Misty Stone is the new Fleshlight Girl. Misty is also the first black porn star to get her own custom molded Fleshlight. It was about time if you ask me, most ethnicities where already covered except the afro american so I’m glad to see that we finally got one to fill the void. Those of you who have been longing for a black or mocha colored Fleshlight got your wish granted.

Misty Stone is getting her own signature Fleshlight texture called the “Bump N Grind”. There are 4 different sleeve inserts to choose from as well as 3 different orifices. They made custom molds out of Misty Stones mouth, pussy and asshole. So it doesn’t matter If you are a fan of anal, vaginal or mouth sex, you get to choose your favorite hole. The new and exclusive Bump and Grind Fleshlight looks really nice. I love the brown mocha color and the vortex like inside looks like it’s going to feel real nice to fuck! I can not wait to try out the Misty Stone Fleshlight myself. This Fleshlight is the most realistic one I have seen so far, the skin color looks REALLY close to Misty Stone’s actual complexion. The mold of her mouth also looks awesome, Misty got a real nice set of cock sucking lips. Like I said, really looking forward to trying this one, can’t wait!

Misty Stone Exclusive Bump and Grind Texture
Misty Stone Bump and Grind Fleshlight Texture
Bump and Grind Fleshlight texture inside

Misty Stone Lotus Texture
Misty Stone Lotus Fleshlight
Misty Stone Lotus Texture Inside

Misty Stone Forbidden Anal Texture
Misty Stone Anal Fleshlight Sleeve Texture
Misty Stone Forbidden Texture Inside

Misty Stone Swallow Blowjob Texture
Misty Stone Swallow Mouth Fleshlight
Misty Swallow Texture Inside

Misty Stone Fleshlight Pictures and Videos:

Video Interview with the New FLG Misty Stone:

The rapper, Slim Thug (@Slimthugga) was one of the first guys that got to try the new Misty Stone Fleshlight. FL sent him a special package to convince him that the Fleshlight feels even better then the real thing, thing being pussy.

Misty Stone Fleshlight First black FLG

The more Fleshlights you buy the cheaper they get. You can get a pretty sweet discount when you buy more then 1 Fleshlight. If you buy 3 Fleshlights you save around $50 or so. That’s the perfect deal if you’re splitting the order with your buddies or if you are buying a Fleshlight as a gift to someone, you can now sneak in an extra one for yourself. That’s what I going to do for sure! The Misty Fleshlight will make a great Christmas gift.

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