Miela Fleshlight Review

miela fleshlight review

Miela (aka Marry Queen) is only 19 years old so she is very new to the porn industry but is already a well known name, especially in Europe. Miela is mostly known for her erotica and softcore porn (Joymii, X-art) but she recently filmed a couple of hardcore anal scenes and videos for Brazzers.

miela fleshlight masturbator sex toy

Now lets talk about the Miela Fleshlight. Miela is one of 7 European Fleshlight Girls to get her own custom molded sex toy. All of these girls got to share 3 different sleeve texture so no texture is exclusive to any of the girls. That makes this Miela Fleshlight Review a little easier to do to since I have used then all many times in the past. I’m glad they gave us 3 different sleeves to choose from but I would have preferred to seen an original Miela texture.

I heard one guy say that the unique aesthetics of Miela’s Fleshlight Vagina made it look unnatural and not look realistic. It doesn’t look identical because her meaty outer lips had to be taken out of the equation in order to mold the inside of her pussy. The labia’s and opening of her vagina is put very close together which makes it extra tight, much more so then the other Euro Fleshlight Girls. You really have to pry it open to get in there but you have to remember that this teenage pussy is only 19 years old and haven’t been used that much. If you want a meaty pussy with thick lips I suggest that you take a look at Stoya’s Fleshlight.

Miela Fleshlight Vagina Compared to Real Pussy

miela fleshlight versus real pussy

I know that some guys have been wanting a Camel Toe Fleshlight for a while and I think the Miela Fleshlight is as close as we are going to get to that. If you enjoy tight vagina orifices you are going to be pleased with Miela’s Fleshlight.

Miela Fleshlight – Lotus, Vortex or Primal Texture?

Vortex – Most Realistic

miela vortex fleshlight texture review

Primal – Most Stimulating

miela primal fleshlight texture review

Lotus – Suitable for marathon masturbation sessions

miela lotus fleshlight texture review

I recommend that you buy either the Miela Vortex or Primal Fleshlights. Those are in my opinion much better choices then the Lotus. If this is the first time you are buying a Fleshlight I think the safest bet would be to get the Vortex. It suits most men regardless of penis size and it is a great sleeve if you like to use your Fleshlight multiple times a day. It won’t wear you out like the more intense textures.

See more of Miela at Fleshlight.com

Miela Fleshlight

Miela’s tight 19 year old pussy makes for a great Fleshlight. Combine it with the Vortex texture for a awesome simulation of real intercourse.

Review of the Miela Fleshlight. 19 year old pussy in a can!

Rating by Fleshone: 5.0 stars


  1. I can’t decide. Miela or Ariel? When will be Ariel reviews? (Sorry, the English isn’t my native)

    • I will take a closer look at Ariel soon but the 3 textures are the same with every EU Girl so the only difference between Miela & Ariel is the look of their vagina’s. If I where you I would just decide on what I think looks more sexy. Personally, I like the look of Ariel’s pussy more but they feel the same on the inside. Good luck! 🙂

  2. I think your recommendation is right on!!! Miela Vortex is my absolute favorite Fleshlight of all!!! I just can’t say enough how great it makes me feel!!! I’ve got close to 30 Fleshlights, but Vortex is special, and Miela Vortex is even more special.:)

  3. I think the Fleshlight production team or author of this article misunderstood what the buyers wanted when creating the Miela Fleshlight. The article states, “her meaty outer lips had to be taken Out of the equation in order to mold the inside of her pussy”.
    This is the exact Opposite of what buyers wanted. The “meaty outer lips” should BE the primary focus. That’s why her Fleshlight is unrealistic, not due to the lack of inner lips protruding as the article suggests. Again, we are looking for plump/meaty outer lips that are Not spread apart, but just a slit (I.E. you cannot see inside the FL Until you spread her lips apart) the inner lips should be small and not protrude – Exactly like the real thing.

    I hope Fleshlight responds to this suggestion.

  4. I think the original is the best choice for me, definitely cheaper If the porn stars had an authentic inside!!
    I would go for 70-100 dollars but i thank they fucked up not making a master cast of the inside of all the cunt they sell.
    (What good is it if the inside is not authentic)

  5. Hi there thanks for a great site.

    Im thinking about buying this fleshlight with the primal texture – is that any good. I thin her pussy seems nice – anyone who knows if the Miela fleshlight is tighter than other fleshlights??

    I hav the ice and jesse jane fleshlight in my collection already

    • Yes the opening of the Miela /Marry Queen Fleshlight is a little bit tighter then other Fleshlights.

      The Primal is a excellent choice, it will give you very intense orgasms and the more you use it the better they will become. The Primal and Destroya Fleshlights are very similar and they are loved by thousands of users. It is one of the best textures created so enjoy!

      • Sounds good. Is it better than jesse janes gauntlet texture??? I have the Gauntlet but I dont Think it is so intense ….

        • Yes, the Primal Fleshlight is more intense then the Gauntlet. It has longer “fingers” and more bumps and nodes. You can regulate the intensity by using more watery-lube and by adjusting the suction.

          • And is bought Right now so now Its just the waitingtime that is killing me.. How Manu fleshlights do you have in your collection

          • I own more then 20 (lol) so I know about the waiting time. One thing I learned is not to get too excited. Most of the time the Fleshlight feels better the more you use it so the first time might not be the best. That varies from person to person though.

            Feel free to share your thoughts after you have used your new Miela Primal Fleshlight!

  6. I have now tried the Miela fleshlight with the primal texture a couple af times and yes the feeling and orgasm is so intense… The tight entrance and the feeling of the texture is so good – it is the best fleshlight I have bought no doubt about that… (it beat the jesse jane gauntlet texture with a big distance)

    • That is awesome! Glad to hear that you are enjoying the Miela Fleshlight that much! It really is a great Fleshlight!

      • Yes Im enjoying it no doubt about that – and my wife is enjoying seeing what it does to me… but…

        I hve some difficulties by making it totally dry after cleaning it. (same problem with my jesse jane gauntlet fleshlight). I cleans it with the fleshclean and using the fleslight powder afterwards, but I think it is difficult to dry it internal…

        Do you have any ideas how to clean and dry it totally???

        • When I’m done cleaning it out I shake it like a crazy person and that gets most of the water out. Then I leave the sleeve on a towel and let it air dry. As long as it is clean and only has water inside of it nothing bad can happen to it. You could speed up the process with a fan or mount it in a vertical position so the water slowly drips out.

          So for a speedy drying process I suggest a little Fleshwash or regular rubbing alcohol combined with some kinda of a air fan.

          Good luck! =)

          • Thanks Ill try 🙂

            Im looking on the Kayden Kross fleshlight and thinking about adding it to my Collection. Do you have any experience with it – is it as tight as Miela? and is the texture intense.

          • Hey Caspar, hope all is well.

            I have not tried the Bookworm sleeve yet but I remember reading good things about it on the Fleshlight forum. So I can’t say if it is more or less tight then the Miela mini-lotus.

            If I feel that a Fleshlight sleeve needs to be tighter I put rubber bands around it to make the canal narrower. That is a easy mod you can do if you want to try something different.

  7. I have a half dozen fleshlights and the one the consistently produces fhe most intense orgasms for me is the Stoya Destroya. I usually can pump away at a fleshlight, my Venus 2000 or a woman for a good hour, but fucking Stoya hands free is a huge challenge. Within five to ten minutes of entering the Destroya I find myself having to slow down. The stimulation is off the charts intense. I am looking at getting a Teagan Love Humps so i can switch back and forth between the two.

    • Hey, thanks for sharing.

      I agree the Stoya Destroya is really intense. All those little “fangs” do a great job hitting every nerve on the cock which builds up to a huge explosion when you finally come.

      Good call on alternating with a less intense Fleshlight btw, I do that to and it feels great.

  8. Hello

    I was wondering which FL combination to get next:

    Miela Vortex or Primal
    Ariel Vortex or Primal

    I was thinking Primal on Miela as you said she’s very tight, which gives extra stimulation, so Vortex on Ariel.
    Would that be a good combo?

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