Make your own $2 dollar Fleshlight in 45 minutes

Build a DIY Fleshlight Sex Toy

Who said that you couldn’t build your own Fleshlight! It’s super easy to make and won’t cost more then a buck or $2!
Okay, truth be told this doesn’t even come close to the same feeling that you get from a real Fleshlight but maybe you are low on cash and can’t afford to buy a Fleshlight. It beats jacking off with your own hands so if you are bored and have an hour to spare you should try it out and see if you like it.

How to make a Homemade Corn Starch Fleshlight Video instructions:

This is what you need to build the DIY Fleshlight:

1. One cup corn starch or potato starch / flour (recommended)
2. Two cups Water
3. A Glass
4. A Stick about the same girth as your penis

Mix the corn starch with ½ of the water. When the starch dissolves pour in the other ½ of water and mix it some more. Put the glass with the mixture in the microwave for about 1 minute or so. Make sure that the mixture solidifies then make a small hole in the middle and microwave it for 30 seconds. Take it out of the microwave, put the stick into the middle about 3/4 ways down. Leave the stick in the middle and put your DIY Fleshlight into the fridge for about 45 minutes or so. Take it out of the fridge, let it sit in room temperature to warm up before lubing it up with lotion, oil or saliva (!). Fap Fap away!

The corn starch Fleshlight should look like this when it’s done.
Starch Fleshlight DIYGuy fucking a DIY Fleshlight

Bonus Video: Make your own Fee-Fee

Another quick DIY sextoy made for masturbation is the infamous Fee Fee.
The Fee Fee only takes 1 minute to make. All you need is a latex glove or plastic bag, a towel and some lube or lotion.

Invented in prison, a “Fee Fee” towel folded twice with the open end of a rubber glove sticking out. After being rolled, the end of the glove is then stretched over the top. Then it is finished by pulling a sock over the opposing end to hold the glove in place. Can then be ran under warm water or placed in between mattresses to create a “real life” effect.

This was just two examples on how to make your own Fleshlight sex toy devices. I’ve seen people build Fleshlights out of Pringles and Soda cans but those are kinda complicated so I will cover them some other time.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy this Fleshlight DIY quick tip!

real fleshlight vagina


  1. The corn starch really doesn’t work

    • Hey Frank, I have heard a lot of people saying that. Maybe it’s harder to get it to work with Corn starch for some reason.

      Try Potato starch (powder) instead because that works 100% of the time, I have never had any problems using that. If you still have problems making it work just use more starch or less water. Good luck!

      • I tried flour and so far it looks like it worked, I had to cook it longer but it’s in the fridge right now so i’ll let you know..

        • did you use the exact ratio? Did it end up working? How long did you microwave it for? And hoe did you remove it from the cup afterwards?

          • how do you remove it from the glass without ruining its form and can you use it more then once?

          • also it keeps falling apart when i go to town on it should i use more flour perhaps even more water? or put it in the fridge longer? advice needed

  2. since you have to refrigrate it will it melt wile im going to town in it.

    • Nope, it won’t melt. The reason why you put it in the fridge is so the material will set properly. Once that process is done it will stay solid.

  3. How long should solidification take after I heated it for the first time.

    • It depends but the longer you microwave the more solid it becomes but it stays fairly soft for a good while after the first microwave run.

      Sometimes you don’t even have to put it in the fridge or freezer for more then 15 minutes for it to become solid.

  4. Do I have to use starch or can I use flour?

    • Yes you should use starch. Potato starch aka Potato Flour works best. I have not tried regular flour, why don’t you try it out and report back when you are done. I’m curious if it works or not.

  5. This was great! Felt like a tight hot wet vigina! Thanks man!! 🙂

  6. Hmm can you make this in oven somehow if you don’t have microwave?

    • Give it a go and let me know but please use a material that is oven safe, avoid using a drinking glass because it might explode. 😀

  7. i dont have any starch. can i use pudding mix?

    • I have no idea, try out that pudding mix and let us know how it worked out for you. Who knows, if might work better then starch!

      • that’s awesome, then you can eat the pudding after!

        • No. in this case it wont solidify and you’ll just have pudding goop and if you microwave it long enough it’ll explode in the microwave making a big mess. All in all not the best idea

  8. Success with Cornstarch

    Materials: 1-2 wax lined paper cups, stick

    Ingredients: 175g of warm water, 100g of corn starch, 30 grams of flour

    1. Pour 100g of warm water into wax lined paper cup.
    2. SLOWLY mix in 100g of corn starch a spoonful at a time.
    3. SLOWLY mix in 30g of flour a spoonful at a time.
    4. Pour an additional 75g of warm water and stir.
    5. Microwave on high for 65 seconds.
    6. Remove and poke a small hole (about the size of your pinky, I used the end of an erasable marker)about 1/2 inch into the mix.
    7. Microwave an additional 30 seconds.
    8. Remove and insert a stick (just a fraction of a size smaller than your penis) about 5/8ths of the way into the mix.
    9. Place in freezer for 50 minutes.
    10. Remove from the freezer and KEEP THE MIX IN THE CUP.
    11. Slowly remove the stick and clean. I stress again to keep the mix in the cup.
    12. Lube up and enjoy!

    Some Tips – Mix will be hot once it is removed from the microwave. Grab a second wax lined paper cup to put over the first.

    • Nice! Thanks for your DIY Cornstarch Fleshlight recipe. Lots of people have had troubles using cornstarch so this should help out a lot!

    • A few more tips before I disappear into the internet.

      * Take your time making this homemade Fleshlight, in fact, make it in advance so you’re not in a rush.
      * If you let the mix dry overnight then it will be stronger than if you cool it off in the freezer.
      * Normally, this DIY Cornstarch Fleshlight make loud slurping noises while in use. To minimize the noise poke 1 to 3 small holes in the bottom of the paper cups and mix before use but after it is cooled off. The tradeoff is that it loses suction in order to gain discretion.
      * Remember that you used food ingredients to create this! Throw it out after a day of use and be sure to completely clean your penis after you are done using it.

    • I lied because I forgot the most important last tip!

      * The top of the mix will crust over when it is cooking. After it is cooled off gently peel of the rough layer before use.

      Farewell and happy fapping!

      • Marvelous advice! Thank you so much Sir Anon!


      • I am also using cornstarch, and i am in the process of this at the moment, i did everything before i read your post and here is how i did it.
        Instead of your measurements, i did the same ratio for the potato flour/starch whatever it is but halved it.
        -1 cup of water
        -1/2 cup of corn starch
        -Medium sized Paper Coffee cup from a breakfast restaurant (where you make your own coffee.[Probably a 16 ounce cup])
        – I used a Highlighter for my stick (i am a bit small)

        I then mixed everything in the cup until the corn starch disolved. put it in the microwave for 30 seconds, it was still pretty moist so i left it in there for another minute, after that, the mixture was more solid but still moist but it was okay to make my imprint with the highlighter, so i put it in the mixture for 5 seconds, but pretty shallow to be cautious. (dont leave the stick in the cup) then microwaved for i think another 2 minutes. after that it looked pretty good and i put in the highlighter once again about 3/4 of the way down to assure i have suction. TIP – If you know you can get your stick in but it looks like your mixture may collapse, make your entrance very slowly and as you go down, twist it in one direction for a smooth entrance. i thought my mixture wasn’t going to hold but it held pretty well. now i left my highlighter in the mixture and put the cup in the freezer. im checking on it periodically. i think with cornstarch it has to sit longer so im checking on it every 10-15 minutes. it has been a good 20-30 minutes and it looks solid but not to sturdy, so i will take anon’s tip to leave it in the cup and to be patient and let it sit for a while. i will wait until i think it is ready and get back to you, my report will be right under here so you guys dont have to go searching for it. Thanks for reading this all!! (oh anon thanks for the one tip about the peeling the rough part on top, i would have left it not thinking about it and probably would have hurt myself :O and i suggest everyone else do this too!)

        My Report——————————————-

        Okay this was 1/2 success i would say, the 1/2 that wasn’t a success is my fauly really.
        well i lit it sit, for a total of 40 minutes or so in the freezer, and took it out to check, and i was getting impatient, so i said screw it and decided to start.
        everything was fine except i made the hole a bit too small width wise, i really suggest comparing your self when hard to the width of your stick, because i thought i want it to be tight so i will use a smaller hole. dont do that i strongly suggest using the same if not just a tad bit smaller than your self in width. so now i took it out of the freezer and took out the highlighter and got out some lube, which is much needed or it will crumble away if you use your saliva. lubed both my self and the “toy” and made my entrance, it definatly had suction because i left everything as is, but it was hard to get it to my liking, so i thought maybe taking it out of the cup isnt such a bad idea, so i did, and the top half of the solid mixture slowly came into my hands as i hit the bottom of the cup with my hand to get it out, and it pretty much just tore. so i was like, well guess its going back in the cup if i want to finish.. so put in back in the cup and used anon’s tip to poke holes in the bottom of the cup for less suction and less slurping noises as it was actually annoying myself anyways, and i used a sharp knife to puncture 5 small holes in the bottom. and it was working better and would have been great if i didnt decide to take it out of the cup because towards climax it really start to crumble on me and i tried my best to keep everything together and managed to do so. in conclusion, do not remove it from the cup until you are finished unless you want pieces solidified corn starch everywhere, and it will work! and let it sit for as long as possible so it can be sturdy for as long as you need it.and also this thing should really only be for a one time use, i do not suggest keeping it for more then once. after you are done with it, if you need to keep it discrete you can break it up a bit and flush it down the toilet, but not all in one, do it in 3-5 solid piece and flush one, then the next not all at once. it worked for me should work for you. have fun, i will experiment with this again.
        (if you dont want to be cleaning then use a paper cup its an easy cleanup)

    • Im following this recipie…will post results…

  9. What if I like the rough layer of crust? It feels good on my balls!!!

  10. Anom’s recipe worked for me just had to cook it longer. Like, 2 min or so.

  11. out of curiousity, has anyone tried adding a synthetic element to aid the bonding and elasticity of this?
    I imagine silicone would work well….thats just given me a idea….

  12. Ok…so that recipie with the flour was very…crumbly…

    Im trying one of my own…

    50g of corn starch
    50g of rice flour
    175g of water, pre boiled, cooled, and them warmed again slightly…(to sterilise the water.)

    my theory is that the molecules of the two will bond together better, rice flour is actually used in a lot of cultures as a glue.

    the elasticity of the corn starch coupled with the bonding strength of the rice should make for a good alternative.

    I currently have the mixture sitting in the freezer setting, will post results if it works.

  13. So corn starch does work, just that most people might have used to much water…. Oh yeah guess what i tried to use to make the first small hole well i did not take the top off and now it is in my fleshlight lmao we will see if i can still fap on it though thnx to dude i was tired of using my hand and towel+glove trick now i got something i can fuck other then a towel 😀 oh yeah how do i get it out of the cup

  14. how long will this last for? can re-use over? will corn starch be less likely to last longer?

  15. Wow! Reg flour does not work nut cornstarch looks awesome!

  16. I made it the other day with potato starch. Had to microwave it a bit longer though. But it worked great! But i think i still didn’t have the proportions right yet because halfway in the potato starch pilled up and didn’t really become rubbery-like.
    I btw used a condom while using it because i read on a few sites that it might give you a yeast infection. Did any body get any trouble using it with a condom? Because i think it isnt really possible but better save then sorry.

  17. With mind I used cornstarch but only half the thing solidified and the other half is fucking hot not nice and warm but bubbling hot

  18. I try Starch Potatoe but but it is not rubber and collapses please Help !!!! 🙁

  19. I have one quetion….when you said to put it in a microwave on high…how much wats(w) did you mean??my microwave has 450w/650w/800w…. on how much should i put it??

  20. Mine broke. How do i fix it? 🙁

  21. I put 2 cups of water and 2 cups of corn starch mixed real well and put in microwave for 2 minutes and then made hole and put in another minute. Then I put in freezer for hour. It came out good but it starts to break up. Do I need to add more corn starch or water to make it more solid. thanks

  22. how do u take it out of the cup if u used a tea mug?

  23. The work men will put into simulating sex!?! It’s a shame cancer and AIDS research dosn’t involve blow jobs! On another note, During the first round of microwaving, (using the cornstarch/flour mixture mentioned in the post)on a whim I tried 3 minutes on 40% power. This seemed to give me a more resilliant,… er, result. I using a 900 Watt microwave oven mind, which is a fairly low power. A full size oven will most likely be in the 1300 Watt range, so CHECK your oven and adjust if needed accordingly.
    Hope this helps someone!

    • Well maybe if it wasn’t such a fuckin physical impossibility for most of us to get you to spread your legs once in a while, we wouldn’t need to make fleshlights. Ever thought of that?

      Lol, men don’t even need your vaginas anymore, we just make our own!

  24. What if I added a little bit not a lot but a little bit of hello mix with it I know I the hello will melt but this is only a one time use right? and there isn’t going to be to much hello mix in it hmmm it’s kind of hard to do this kind of stuff because I haven’t moved into my own house yet and I’m living with my parents and my sister so yeah it’s hard to do any of this stuff because when I’m making this stuff I’m always asked “what are you making” and I’m not aloud to continue with it until I tell them what I making and what It’s for can’t wait till I graduate house school next year but as I was saying before maybe jello mix will make it hold together better.

    If you use a condom you can use borax and elmers glue to hold it together better. If you could make it hold together even in water you can wash it every time you use it and all you would need is one.

  25. I heard that it comes out better if you youse a plastic cup

  26. i read on a few sites that corn starch can give you a yeast infection is this true for men? (BTW mine is cooling in the fridge when it gets done i will post results)

  27. I’ve always been interested in Fleshlights, but never bought one … So this was perfect for me … A cheap trial 🙂

    I tried the cornstarch one – breaks easily.

    Then tried cornstarch and flour, as posted above – reduced the water, microwaved at lower power for longer – better but still fragile and breaks.

    Then tried Potato flour or Potato starch (same thing) and it was amazing!

    Most recipes call for a 2:1 ratio of water and Potato starch, but I increased the starch to make it stronger. I also microwaved it longer at half heat until it was firm, then added a little more time until it bubbled a bit, but didn’t spill over – must watch carefully…

    Another key trick is to have to hole just a little smaller than your cock – too small, it breaks … Too big and there is no feeling – just right, and the right lube – suction and sensational :p Also, make it just longer than your cock, then when you pound it the gel slaps your balls and bod, like a real whole (too short and you hit the end – what?)

    The potato starch turns almost plastic when cooked long enough – so you do have to remove a few ‘hard’ bits before use – also helps too leave it overnight to set. I know, so horny, want to use it NOW. Wait, as long as you can.

    Now that I’ve tried this, I may get a Fleshlight … I have a small dick so the Fleshlight Flight looks perfect for me :p

  28. Can u make it in the oven

  29. You all just got trolled by some little Chinese imp.
    This doesn’t work, you’ll make a big fucking mess and well, you deserve it heheheheh have fun guys, i know my warning won’t stop any of you…….

  30. And to compare this monstrosity to a fleshlight is an insult to fleshlight. Honestly… Wtf…..

  31. Using a disposable cheap water bottle and cutting off the lid portion, I was able to apply pressure without breaking or having to remove the cornstarch. Also I can just toss in trash with minimal cleanup


  1. Homemade Sponge Fleshlight Tutorial

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