Little Lupe Fuentes Fleshlight Review

Lupe Fuentes Mini Lotus Fleshlight Review

Lupe Fuentes has three Fleshlights that feel totally different from each other. You can choose between 2 pussy sleeves and 1 anal sleeve. The Anal Fleshlight comes with the Forbidden Texture and the two vagina sleeves come with the Wall or Mini-Lotus texture. In this Fleshlight review I will be focusing on the Lupe Fuentes Mini Lotus because that Fleshlight feels way better then the Wall and the Forbidden. I love how natural and familiar the mini-lotus feels! I also prefer the mini lotus over the even smaller Sex in a can Fleshlight that I reviewed a couple of months back.
I love Lupe Fleshlight

Lupe Fuentes Mini Lotus Review

There is a big issue with the normal full size Lotus Fleshlight and that is that it requires you to have an above average size penis to fully enjoy it. If your cock is smaller then 7 inches long you will never get to experience the real Lotus which is meant to feel like fucking a real vagina. Even if you dick is over 7 inches long it still has to be thick enough for the inner texture to touch your head and shaft the right way.

No need to worry about that any more now that we got the Lupe Fuentes Mini Lotus Fleshlight. The Mini-Lotus is a compact version of the regular Lotus texture which means that all cock sizes gets to enjoy how awesome it feels to fuck Lupe Fuentes.

Fleshlight Lupe Fuentes Mini Lotus

Having sex with petite girls:

Lupe Fuentes is a very petite woman, she is probably one of the smallest porn stars I have ever come across. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to fuck someone only measuring 4 feet and 11 inches? Her pussy must feel really tight and compact. You wouldn’t even need to pack a lot of heat to make that pussy sweat, you know since she is so short and tiny. I can only imagine but Lupe’s Mini Lotus Fleshlight does a awesome job simulating that young tight pussy feeling. I had a hard time not coming all over my Fleshlight the first couple of times I used it. The super tight opening is what made me almost blow my load. It feels so fucking nice to tease yourself by slowly sticking your head in and out of Lupe’s pussy opening. The soft ridges kinda take control over your cock, you can feel how they suck your head towards them as you penetrate deeper and deeper. The chambers are small enough so that they perfectly wrap around your cock (which should be pretty hard by now). I swear to god you are going to have such a hard time not climaxing after a minute or two of stroking back and forth inside Ms Fuentes Fleshlight.

So how does it feel to use Lupe Fuentes Fleshlight:

The combination of soft ridges, warm juicy holes and the extra tight vagina opening is what makes Lupe Fuentes Mini Lotus very special. You have to thrust a little harder to get through the first 4 inches to reach the wider inner chamber. Your cock is going to think it’s in a totally different pussy once you reached deep enough, the warmth of these chambers hugging and massaging your gland feels absolutely amazing. Staying hard inside Lupes Fleshlight is no problem at all since her tight pussy opening actually works like a cock ring around your penis. The harder you get the longer you will stay hard! Coming inside this Fleshlight obviously feels great, when doesn’t it feel great to cum? But not all orgasms are created equal, climaxing inside Lupes Mini Lotus sure felt different from say the Stoya Destroya Fleshlight. The tight pussy opening squeezes around your cock the entire session so when you get to blow your load of sperm inside of her you feel so relieved. It’s like your cock got released from prison and finally get to taste some of that freedom again. The feeling of filling her pie with a huge load of cum is truly heaven on earth!

With the Mini Lotus Fleshlight you get to experience what it feels like to have sex with a tight 18 year old pussy again. Not everyone have the luxury of having 18 year old pussy on demand and that’s where the Fleshlight comes to the rescue! But be carefull, to much that Fleshcrack might turn you into a total Fleshjunky!

Like this guy from the Fleshlight Forums said:

“My MiniLotus has given me so much sexual satisfaction that I kind of feel bad that I no longer has as much interest to seek any intimate relationship in real life. When I meet a woman I merely want friendship.”

Lupe Fuentes Lesbian Dildo
But then again, when you look at Lupe’s juicy pussy on this picture you kinda get your motivation back. Imagine getting to fuck that every single day! The second best thing to fucking Lupe Fuentes for real is to fuck her Fleshlight and that’s good enough for me, for now.

Lupe Fuentes Mini Lotus Fleshlight

Lupe Fuentes mini-lotus Fleshlight simulate the feeling of a really tight pussy on a petite teenage girl.

Best Fleshlight for teenage pussy simulation. Lupe Fuentes mini lotus vagina will make your orgasm and climax feel incredible!

Rating by Fleshone: 5.0 stars

If you want to try out Lupe Fuentes mini-lotus Fleshlight you can buy it at I got it for $70 bucks or so which I feel is totally worth the money. I mean, where else are you going to get your hands on young tight pussy like this? That is going to cost more then 70 dollars that’s for damn sure! Some people spend there money on fine wine I spend it on Fleshlights!

Bonus Video of Lupe Fuentes playing with her Fleshlight:
Lupe Fuentes Video Fleshlight

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  1. Hi there, I know that these are no longer available but do you have a suggestion as to what is the most similar in the current range? Thanks! =)

    • Good news my friend!

      The Miela Fleshlight comes with the Mini Lotus texture. It feels exactly like the Lupe Fuentes Fleshlight.

      Buy Mini Lotus Fleshlight Here


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