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The Lisa Ann Fleshlights are finally here! You can get your MILF, Cougar or Sarah Palin sex fantasy on tonight!

Here are the first pictures of the Lisa Ann Fleshlight:

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All of these new Lisa Ann Fleshlights are available on right now and to celebrate the new FLG launch you get a 15% discount!

Lisa Ann’s Fleshlight Sex Toy comes in a variety shapes and with a bunch of different inner textures. Some of you will recognize most of the sleeve textures but Lisa also got a brand new one that is exclusive to her and it’s called the Barracuda.

Lisa Ann Barracuda Fleshlight:

The Barracuda texture borrows some features from the best selling Stoya Destroya but the massage rods inside the Lisa Ann Barracuda Fleshlight are larger and longer. The fingers at the opening of the Barracuda facing towards your cock looks interesting. I bet the feeling of the resistance and having them gently scrape towards your dick head feels real nice. It doesn’t look it’s very tight but it’s hard to tell. Anyways, can’t wait to try it out!

Lisa Ann Lotus Fleshlight:

The Vagina Fleshlight is a realistic mold of Lisa Ann’s pussy. The inside comes with these two textures, the Lotus sleeve was designed to feel and react like a real vagina but I find the “fantasy textures” to be way more stimulating and more enjoyable to use.

Lisa Ann Swallow Fleshlight

Then there’s the Lisa Ann Mouth Fleshlight molded and cast straight from her real lips and mouth. The sleeve texture inside the Lisa Ann Blowjob Fleshlight is one of my all time favorites, it is called the Swallow and as you can tell from the name it’s designed to simulate fellatio and deep throat action. If you never had the pleasure to deep throat someone in real life why not give the Lisa Ann Swallow Fleshlight a chance. I’m sure Lisa won’t mind, in fact she will most likely be pleased to know that you are fucking her mouth and throat.

Lisa Ann Forbidden Anal Fleshlight

Last but definitively not least is the Lisa Ann Anal / Butt Fleshlight. Yup you guessed it, this model was also made by casting and molding a replica of Lisa Ann’s butt crack and anal opening. This model is one of the tightest Fleshlights available which it makes sense since the anal canal is just that.

I got very excited when I first heard rumors about the possibility of a Lisa Ann Fleshlight a couple of months ago and as it turns out those rumors where true. Lisa Ann herself confirmed in on here Twitter account and even shared pictures from the making of new sex toy line up for men. It will be available in Europe later this year, yes it sucks that you can’t get it from the International website but it will get there eventually.

All of these products are available on

So what do you think of the new Barracuda texture? I think it looks promising especially since I’m huge fan of the Destroya which kinda looks the same on the side. If you get a change to try it out before me please drop a comment below and tell me what you thought of it.

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