Justin Bieber Fleshlight?

Justin Bieber Fleshlight?

When is the Justin Bieber shit storm going to end?
This is getting pretty ridiculous, it’s impossible to escape it!

I found two photoshopped images of Justin Bieber posing as a Fleshjack model for the Fleshlight sex toy.

Justin Bieber as a Fleshlight model LOL

No, a Justin Bieber Fleshlight does not exist and I doubt that one ever will unless some crazy fan decides to make his or her own.
What’s next, a Justin Bieber dildo? LOL! That’s messed up!

Justin Bieber Sex Doll (OMG NO!)

justin bieber sex doll dildo

I wouldn’t mind a Megan Fox or Jessica Alba Fleshlight though. Celebrity Fleshlights would sell like crazy. I bet every college kid would buy one.

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