Jesse Jane Fleshlight Gauntlet Review

Fleshlight Review of Jesse Jane Gauntlet

In this Fleshlight review I will take a closer look at the Jesse Jane Gauntlet and I will also share a masturbation technique that really will come handy if you want to get the most bang for your buck. If you are only looking to buy one Fleshlight the Gauntlet is a perfect choice since it’s probably the most versatile texture out there right now. Ever other inch of the Gauntlet feels different. You can find the texture that you like the best and stay in there until you cum inside her pussy or simply tug away and feel all the sections at once. The Gauntlet texture is super intense and as you are about to climax will really feel every single node, rib and crease inside of Jesse Jane’s pussy working your cock. I usually come pretty hard in all of the Fleshlights I try but the Gauntlet gave me a very unique sensation, it’s hard to describe in words but it felt very intense (in a good way). It definitely gave my dick a good workout, keeping track of so many different sensations of the same time can be a little exhausting but yet so satisfying.
Jesse Jane posing nude with Fleshlight

Jesse Jane’s Gauntlet Fleshlight is a real interesting piece of work.
This was the first Fleshlight that combined multiple textures into a single sleeve. The Gauntlet doesn’t come with two different textures it comes with five textures. If you buy the Jesse Jane Gauntlet you basically get 5 Fleshlights in 1.

Buy jesse jane gauntlet fleshlight

What’s inside the Gauntlet Fleshlight:

First you have the custom shaped pussy orifice molded straight off Jesse Jane’s vagina. You ram your cock through her soft lips into the first section where you will be greeted by the tiny ribs from the super ribbed fleshlight as well as the throat part of the Swallow. In the center of the Gauntlet it might tickle a little bit because you have now entered the Succu-dry section filled with those nasty vampire fangs. But don’t worry, they don’t actually feel like real teeth, they feel more like tiny little finger tips working the tip of your dick. If we move passed the spiky teeth section we get to my favorite part, the Stamina training unit chamber. We are now approximatively 7 inches deep and this is as far as I can go but that’s okay because I have a nice little trick that I like to use to access those hard to get areas.

Inside the Gauntlet Fleshlight Texture

How to use and enjoy the Gauntlet Fleshlight to the fullest:

I have talked about using the Fleshlight in reverse mode without the case in my creative ways to use a Fleshlight post. The Gauntlet is the perfect Fleshlight to use with that method. Since the entire sleeve is about 10 inches long you would need a cock just that long to experience all the chambers of the Jesse Jane Fleshlight. I’m going to go ahead to assume that your dick isn’tthat long. It if it, good for you (I really mean that).

Anyways, so to enjoy the Jesse Jane Fleshlight to the fullest here’s what you do.
First you remove the Fleshlight sleeve by pulling it out from the case then put lube on your dick and start fucking it. Pretty simple right?

That’s basically it but there are many different ways you can use the Fleshlight when it’s out of it’s case. The most basic and simplest way is to use it like a normal fFeshlight by jerking it up and down. I prefer the two-handed method where you basically grab a hold of both ends of the Fleshlight. By doing this you can tug your dick through the entire sleeve so that your cock comes out on the other side. Since the Fleshlight is very flexible you can play with it like you would with an accordion. By compressing the entire Gauntlet Fleshlight on your cock you get to feel and enjoy all the 5 different textures.

You can also twist the Fleshlight around your cock much more easily when it’s out of the case. If you have ever gotten one of these two handed hand jobs you know how good that can feel. You can mimic that exact movement now that you have full control over the Fleshlight sleeve. Feeling how the different inner textures stroke your cock up and down feels pretty sweet but having they stimulated you with a rotating motion at the same time makes it feel awesome! You can also flip the Fleshlight around and fuck it from behind so to speak, the hole on the back is much tighter the vagina orifice so it feels totally different. Jesse Jane’s Gauntlet Fleshlight is the perfect candidate for this technique since you won’t be able to feel all the textures unless you got a huge ten inch cock.

Gauntlet Fleshlight – Jesse Jane

The Gauntlet Fleshlight gives intense orgasms & never gets boring.

If Jesse Jane’s pussy feels like the Gauntlet Fleshlight I’m super jelly of the guys that gets to have sex with her.

Rating by Fleshone: 4 stars

Jesse Jane Review Conclusion:

The Jesse Jane Gauntlet is perfect if you are looking for lots of variety, easily grow tired of non-multi textured Fleshlights or simply can’t make up your mind on what Fleshlight texture to buy. I think it’s a great deal and it’s well worth the 79 dollars ($59 without the case) simply because you get so many textures crammed into a single Fleshlight. The Jesse Jane Fleshlight is also kinda similar to the Stoya Destroya Fleshlight that I reviewed earlier this year.

Bonus Video: Jesse Jane Explains the Reverse Cowgirl Orgasm

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  1. Hola

    I currently have 3 Fleshlight textures: STU, Tarra’s White Primal and Stoya Destroya, my favorite one is Stoya Destroya followed by Tarra’s Primal the STU is good but it is not possible for me to fully enjoy Orgasms (pleasure turns into pain due extreme sensibility)

    I was interested in purchasing Jesse Jane texture but it discouraged me the fact that it looks very similar to Tarras’s Primal texture kinda like in an inverse way.

    Would you recommend to purchase Jesse Janne Gauntled texture after experiencing the last 3 previous textures (destroya, primal and STU) other better chose another texture?

    Which is the second best FL texture in the market after Destroya in your opinion?? I read swallow texture is pretty good, would you recommend it?


    • I have a hard time to tell the difference between the Primal and Gauntlet sleeve. I’m not sure if I could tell them apart if I did a blind test. So if I where you I would skip the Gauntlet Fleshlight and try a totally different texture instead. The Swallow is a excellent choice, I like it a lot and so does a lot of other FL users. The ribbed and smooth textured combination feels great! It doesn’t wear you out as quick but the ribs can make you come pretty quick if you’re not careful. :-p

      The Swallow Fleshlight isn’t as intense as some other sleeves so I think you’ll be able to enjoy your orgasms much more inside the Swallow then inside the STU or other intense sleeves.

      Here is a comparison of the lips of all the Fleshlight Girls Swallow Fleshlights:

  2. I love the Jesse Jane Gauntlet Pussy. Although it normally gets a slightly lower rating than the STU I feel this is one wild ride. The softer material really adds to the flesh girls feel and gives it the upper hand for me. Her pussy and the ribbed tight hole really does wonders along with the teeth and lotus node. This sleeve pushes my cock over the edge and gives me multiple intense orgasms.
    I have to say I think I am a flashlight addict. I might be a bit sensitive but I have never blown my load like I have jerking it normal.
    I would like to collect one more and I like giving my cock a challenge any recommendations on where to go after the Gauntlet ;).

  3. I know that the Gauntlet typically gets worse ratings than the STU. However this sleeve gives me a hole new meaning of a sensitive cock. To me the Gauntlet is a workout, the different textures and the newer flesh material blows my mind. Tightness of the rib texture and the teeth are great, along with JJ’s pussy lips ;). So much better that jerking it “the old way”
    So now I am addicted to the fleshlight and I want to collect more, I like a good challenge for my cock and the mind blowing multiple orgasms. Any suggestions on what to enter next? 🙂

    • Hey T, thanks for sharing your opinion. Yes, it’s very easy to get addicted to the Fleshlight, it feels so good!

      I REALLY recommend the Swallow Fleshlight (

      It feels very different compared to the Gauntlet but just as good if not better. The sucking sound and the super soft lips/mouth combined with the throat like sleeve design makes the Swallow
      one of my favorites for sure.

      You should also check out the Vortex sleeve (

      I have not written a review about it yet because I’m lazy but it’s considered the best Fleshlight if you are looking for a sleeve that mimics the feeling of a real vagina.

      • Hey thanks,

        I have been on the fence about the swallow, I wish the tight hole was pushed up a bit. I want to stay with the flesh girls as well because of the new “skin.” I was hopping you have had a review about the Lotus Garden and the Dragon. I kinda want to keep with the pussy and I like a tight, textured fuck. Have you had any exp with the two because im on the fence between the Lotus Garden/ Dragon/love humps/ and the Destoya.
        P.S I really like the site you have going. Thanks for the comments back

        • You might want to try out the Mini-Swallow/Sukit Draft from the “Sex In a Can” series.

          It is very tight, I had to remove the sleeve from the case to fit inside of it and I’m average size. You can really feel the ribs inside of the texture so it’s very stimulating, so I think you might like that one.

          The skin is not as soft as the FLG Fleshlights but if you powder it with cornstarch every now and again it will keep the soft feel. It’s my favorite out of all the Sex In A Can sex toys.

          I own the Asa Akira Dragon Fleshlight but I have only used to a couple of times so I don’t actually remember how it felt. It was not very tight if I remember correctly but it got me off. Some times you have to use a Fleshlight many times before you really start to enjoy it. I’ll try it out again sometime and write a report.

          Teagan Presley’s Love Humps Fleshlight is good. It’s not super intense but I loved the way the sleeve varied in tightness. If your penis is sensitive and you come easily the Love Humps is great but if you need a little more stimulation to get off you might want to try out a different sleeve.

          If you still haven’t tried the Stoya Destroya Fleshlight you might want to give that one a go. It has gotten extremely good reviews from almost everybody who has tried it. Some guys have complained that it is too intense during orgasm but I like it a lot. The middle section is pretty tight and intense because of the long “fangs” that strokes your cock head back and forth every time you fuck it.

          If I didn’t own any Fleshlights and only got to buy three of them it would be the Stoya Destroya (intense), SukitDraft aka Mini Swallow (very tight) and Vortex (realistic). However, most of the Fleshlights feel fucking amazing so you really can’t go wrong when you are buying these types of sex toys.

          Hope that helps.

  4. Hi Fleshone,

    I was wondering how you feel about Asa Akira Dragon after trying more times since you wrote a reply here. I’ve been thinking about getting it, but the reviews on it seem to be mixed, especially because of it’s relatively wide canal. How does it compare to the Vortex texture, which is a favorite for both of us?

    Take good care…:)

    • If the Vortex is a 10/10 the Dragon is a 6.5/10. It is not as impressive as many of the other Fleshlights like the Destroya, Swallow, STU, Vortex, Gauntlet etc

      The Dragon is too subtle for my taste, even with just a little bit of lube it can be difficult to feel the ridges and bumps. If your dick is hyper sensitive you might appreciate it more then me.

      If I had to buy another Asa Akira Fleshlight I would invest in the Forbidden or Swallow. It’s a shame that we can’t mix and match the textures because her pussy looks really nice but combined with the Dragon texture is not as impressive I’m sad to say. The Dragon is not bad it’s just that there are so many other textures that are better. My 2 cents.


  1. Jesse Jane Swallow Mouth Fleshlight
  2. Who is your favorite Fleshlight Girl?

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