How To Remove And Deal With Dirty Black Spots On Your Fleshlight

how to remove black & green spots on Fleshlight

There is one problem that many Fleshlight users run into after using their new rubber vagina a couple of times. It can get sticky, dirty and filled with black & green looking boogers if you don’t treat it right. Who knew that Fleshlights could be this demanding!

These black and green spots that emerge on the outside of the Fleshlight sleeve looks like it could be mold but after some investigation it turns out to be oily residue.

dirty damaged fleshlight  with black spots

These black and green moldy looking boogers emerge when the Fleshlight comes in contact with oil. It can be oil in cleaning products, soap or even the oil you have naturally in your hands. The reason why this happens if because the Flehlight material is made up of oily materials. When oil comes in contact with other oils it dissolves and degrades your entire sleeve. So this is why you never should use oil products on or inside your Fleshlight (like latex lube, condoms and soap/ lotion)

This is what happens when you use lots of oil on your Fleshlight:

Destroyed Fleshlight with oil

How to remove the black and green spots on your Fleshlight:

Removing these oily boogers is a real pain in the ass. They are kind of attached to the Fleshlight so you can’t just wash them off. You can try to remove them using alcohol but that doesn’t really work that well. So if you want to get rid of them completely you have to pick them off one by one with your fingers. That is really time consuming and too much work in my opinion. When the Fleshlight is completely dried out you can add corn starch to the outside and see if the dirt rolls off easier.

clean your fleshlight with nivea face scrub soap

If you happen to own any face soap / scrubbing products you can try and use that to clean of the dirt. According to some of the guys on the Fleshlight forum that should do the trick. Nivea Facescrub for med does not contain any oils and should not damage your Fleshlight so that method should make it easier to remove the dirt.

Prevent Black and Green spots from appearing on your Fleshlight:

If you prefer to masturbate with your Fleshlight without the case you should clean your hands with sanitizer or face wash products (they usually don’t contain oil, check before you use it) before touching your Fleshlight.

It looks gross and disgusting but it’s safe to continue using your Fleshlight because these black spots are definitely not mold or any other type of fungus for that matter. The best way to prevent these boogers from invading the outside of your Fleshlight is to use the FL case they come with and wash your hands before touching it for longer periods of time.

If you know of a good way to get rid of the dirt please let me know in the comment section below.


  1. only one of mine gets those little spots sometime on it and i read somewhere online to use sticky tape. it kind of works to get rid of most of them the rest i just give it a wash and dry. then a good rub down with cornflour it gets rid of the last of them.

  2. I used an old colgate vibrating toothbrush (Sonic Power) with water based lubricant (ID Glide) which helped to remove a lot of the Black specs with-in 10 minutes. I think my fleshlightgirls where fine until I used a washing up bowl filled with hot water to try and counter act a slight funk smell but must have had excess oils from washing up liquid or the dirty dishes the night before. The Black specs where tiny and in patches of hundreds but only on the front of the sleeve which is strange but I can get all of them of just a little time consuming to get all those last specs so will try again later but water based lubricant is a must with the vibrating toothbrush which helps buffer & remove the specs just have to regularly clean them of the toothbrush to not move them around the sleeve

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