Find the male G-spot and experience the full body orgasm

Learn to Full Body Orgasm

Looking for the male G-spot?
Or are you curious what the Male full body orgasm is all about?
The first time I heard about the Full Body orgasm was only a couple of weeks ago. I knew that some guys liked when girls fingered their asshole during sex but I never knew why exactly, I just thought it was some kinda fetish. I didn’t even know men had a G-spot and I did not think that men could come from anal stimulation!

Boy was I wrong!
Stimulation of the male G-spot can and will lead to (if done correctly) to extreme amounts of pleasure compared to a normal orgasm. There are a couple of different ways to stimulate your G-spot, the most common and easiest way is to use some kinda tool to help you out.

One sex tool that is very popular is the Aneros massager. The Aneros tool is specially designed to help men to stimulate the prostate gland in order to achieve a full body orgasm. What’s so great about the Aneros (MSX, Progasm or Helix) is that you don’t need someone there to assist you. Anytime you feel like having the orgasm of your life you just whip out the Aneros and start massaging your G-spot / Prostate Gland.

Finding the G-spot:
Before you even think about sticking sex toys up your butt you must learn some basic anatomy. You don’t really want to hurt yourself and have to go and explain to your uptight Doctor how you hurt your ass. Also make sure that your fingers are clean and that your nails are trimmed.
Finding the male g-spot and prostate gland
Finding the G-spot is not very hard at all. The male Gspot is actually much easier to find then the female Gspot. As you can see in the picture above the G-spot sits right where the prostate gland is located.
Lay on your back and put a couple of pillows or cushions under your butt as support, insert a finger and feel out the insides of your ass. When you feel something that resembles a walnut or cheastnut in size and is a bit soft but spongy to the touch, when you feel that you know that you have found the G-spot. It’s also important to note that the G-spot isn’t actually a spot but more like a sensitive area.

How to stimulate your G-spot:

If you ask most heterosexual men how they feel about sticking fingers, toys or vibrators up their ass most of the would tell you that it’s disgusting and gay. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is actually very common for woman to pleasure their men with Prostate Massage toys, butt plugs or anal dildos. And there is nothing gay about having your wife giving you a rimjob as she jerks your cock!

Videos of Male G-spot stimulation and Prostate Massage:

Amy Reid Prostate Massage and handjob video
Video of Sasha Gray fingering the Male G-spot

Tools made for Male G-Spot and Prostate Stimulation

Rocks Off Bad-Boy G-spot Stimulator
Bad Boy G-Spot Massager
The Bad Boy might look a little intimidating especially if you’ve never ever used a G-spot massager on yourself before. It obviously takes a couple of tries before you can feel fully comfortable sticking the Bad Boy up your own ass.
Using the Bad Boy Dildo

As you can see on the image above the Bad Boy is specially designed for men and it’s super easy to find the male G-spot with this thing. You basically just lube up and insert it into your anus and the Bad Boy will find the way to your prostate gland and G-spot all by itself.

The Aneros G-spot stimulators:
The Aneros is a bit different from the Bad Boy massager. It’s shaped differently and does not vibrate but it does hit the spot!
Aneros is not a dildo
The Aneros is very easy to use and since it’s designed to do one thing and one thing only it doesn’t take much effort at all to find your prostate gland. If this is the first time exploring the male G-spot you can’t go wrong with the Aneros. The design is pretty simple and it’s not as thick as other prostate massager out on the market. I know that most straight men don’t really like putting didoes up their ass so that makes the Aneros a excellent alternative to those big thick prostate massagers. After you have inserted the Aneros into your ass all you need to do is relax and try finding the right prostate milking technique. You are probably not going to be able to make yourself climax without touching your penis on the first couple of tries. Mastering the hands-free orgasm takes some practice but practice makes perfect right! The reward at the end of the rainbow is totally worth it. It’s going to be one of the best feeling you have ever felt in your entire life, the full body orgasm is REALLY that intense!
Aneros Size PictureAneros Male G-spot Massage
The Aneros is not designed like a dildo, it’s actually pretty thin and very easy to insert into your anus because of that. It won’t feel like someone is putting a dick up your butt.
There are a couple of different Aneros products to choose from, they are all pretty much the same but differ in size. Aneros MGX is small to medium size and the Aneros Progasm is their largest Prostate massager.

Here is what men that have used the Aneros had to say about it:

I’ve owned this a little over a year so i thought i’d share my opinions. Naturally, i wasn’t comfortable with the idea of sticking anything up my ass but I had some extra cash & took the risk. I’m glad I did! This thing produces some of the best, indescribable feelings you could dream of. For me it takes about an hour to produce a hands free orgasm, which can be tiresome & difficult to stay in the mood. At first I was having trouble getting the results i was looking for but after some patience the subtleties became realities. I would recommended getting the Helix model (although I don’t own one), it’s more aggressively angled so it takes less time & patience to experience the prostate massage.
If you’re curious, go for it!

If you are unsure on what Prostate Massager to get I highly recommend that you go to the G-Spot section on and read the reviews posted on the product pages. You should also check out the Fleshligt forum for even more testimonials, reviews and opinions on the products.

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