Homemade Sponge Fleshlight Tutorial

homemade sponge fleshlight sextoy

Remember when I wrote “How to make a homemade starch Fleshlight”?. I thought that was a pretty genius idea but it looks like the corn starch vagina have been trumped by the kitchen sponge! This homemade DIY sex toy takes 5 minutes max to make and all you need is 2 dish sponges, 1 latex glove and a can of some sort. Pringles anyone? This has to be the cheapest alternative to a Fleshlight I have ever seen, this sponge sex toy probably costs $1-$3 dollars to make and most of you already have this stuff laying around at home. By using the Sponge to masturbate with you will be befitting in many ways. It will feel better then the palm of your own hand because it’s a foreign object, you won’t have to clean up when you are done. You just toss the used glove in the trash. If you can’t afford a real Fleshlight this is a great alternative.

A French blogger called Brims posted a picture of the homemade Sponge Vagina that I just had to share with you all. I call it the Sponge Bob Fleshlight!

DIY Sponge Fleshlight Video Tutorial:

Homemade Sponge Fleshlight Masturbator Components:

1. Two kitchen sponges
sponge sex toy fleshlight vagina

2. One Latex Surgical Glove (1 for each fap session)
latex glove for homemade sextoy sponge

3. A Pringles like can
build sex toy out of empty pringles can

How to build the DIY Sponge Sex Toy Vagina:
Place both of the sponges with the soft side facing up. Place the latex surgery glove in between the sponges, make sure that you leave a bit of the glove opening sticking out. You need to wrap it around the can. Insert the sponges into the Pringles can, make sure that they sit snuggly inside the container so they don’t move around when you start to abuse it. Put some rags or old socks into the can so the sponges don’t fall down. To finish it off just wrap the glove opening around the entire can and voila you have made your very first Sponge Fleshlight in less them 5 minutes!

homemade vagina sponge bob
Click to enlarge the DIY sponge vagina tutorial image

How to use the Homemade Sponge Fleshlight:
Okay so now that you have created your own sponge vagina, how do you use it? First you are going to need to get your dick hard. Staring at two sponges wrapped in a latex glove doesn’t really get my juices flowing, if you get a hardon looking at that thing… well good for you. So load up the porn, drop some lube, lotion or spit inside that thing and enjoy!

Please throw away the latex glove when you are done, don’t even think of using it multiple times you! You can get a box of latex glove for $2 bucks!

Building your own Fee-Fee, Sponge Vagina or Cornstarch Fleshlights is fun and it’s very cheap but if you want something better that’s not quite a girlfriend or 2 pieces of foam stuck in a can, check out

Fleshlight.com for the Worlds Best Selling Male Sex Toy.
Sponge Bob Fleshlight Homemade DIY


  1. Sucks when you don’t have your own creditcard.. I swear the first thing I will do when I get my own creditcard is make a paypal account and go buy a fleashlight and some salvia from a headshop :3

    • i understand…
      I’m 18 now. But I live with my family…
      I can’t just go ordering some sex toy and they might received it upon delivery and open it damn..

  2. this actualy is not that bad. ive tried it and its pretty neat. but when i did it I used 2 sponges that had a bumpy texture and I warmed up the sponges with warm water and used lotion, it took me a while to finish compared to with my hand and the warmth of the warm water added to the realism i was going for

    • omg this is amazing i didn’t have any sponges so i just used a rapt up towel with the clove in it and then tie an elastic band down the towle the same or mayby a little bit more than your penis length and its great

  3. Amazing and easy to make. Works like a dream and if you close your eyes and let your thoughts go, pretty realistic

  4. 90 percent of the actual vagina

  5. Oddly enough I made this invention on my own a couple years ago. Feels good but if you take to long it starts to bunch up and lose it’s feel and a new glove is required. I bought a flesh light, they feel different, but even owning a fleshlight I still come back to using this. Its a good feel

  6. If you don’t have a glove you can use a unrolled condom.
    Works the same way but the condom in thinner and tends to break easier.

  7. I got the sponges damp and put them in the microwave for 10-15 seconds. They are hot at first but let it cool down and fill the empty cavity with warm air and steam. I also use a smaller waterbottle rather than a Pringles can. My dick is a good size so it barely fits so it feels super good, In my opinion it feels as good as anal.

  8. Lol, I used to make these 30 years ago to fuck

  9. I finally found time to make one and try, and HOLY CRAP
    This is fucking goooood.

  10. Been there done that it’s suck

  11. I think my dick is too big. no joke.. the sponges are getting crushed. I can’t stick my dick in

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