Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Review

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Review

Can you last longer then 5 minutes inside the FL STU?

This Fleshlight sleeve was designed to train guys last longer in bed and to not cum too quick during actual intercourse. Which means that it was designed to feel fucking awesome! The problem with the FL STU is that it feels so good that it’s very hard not to orgasm after only a couple of strokes.

Golden Fleshlight Pussy

If you are really disciplined you might last 5 minutes but man this Fleshlight takes a while to master. If you are a first time Fleshlight user you are going to blow your load almost instantly.

A look inside the STU texture:

Cock massage anyone?

Stamina Training Fleshlight

This Fleshlight is made to make you ejaculate prematurely and there is nothing you can do about it!

The Stamina Training Fleshlight made me come 3 times in 20 minutes. It’s tight, highly stimulating and very soft and life like to to touch. It’s a must have and a great sex toy for Fleshlight noobs.

Rating by Fleshone: 5.0 stars

When you take a closer look at the inner-texture it doesn’t really look like much.
It’s kinda hard to explain what makes this texture feel so great wrapped around your cock. It’s just a bunch of round bumps really but don’t be fooled, it does feel fantastic! I think it’s the way the round nubs stimulate and massage your whole penis at the same time. When your dick grows it also becomes more sensitive, especially around the head.

This is where the STU really shines. The whole experience of fucking the STU gets way more intense when as your cock gets harder and harder. The harder you get the better it feels.
That is why I think it’s so difficult not to come right away. You want it to feel that good forever so you keep stroking it till it’s too late and you blow the largest load of sperm ever inside the STU.

One thing that all the Fleshlights have in common is that it’s very easy to lose track of time when you are fucking them. This is of course true for sex in general but inside the Stamina Fleshlight time kinda stands still. It’s a great way to wind down the day, it helps you relax and you will sleep like a baby after a go inside the FL STU.

Video of the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit in use:

  • The STU Fleshlight is very addictive!
  • First time Fleshlight buyer? Get the STU!
  • Actually helps you last longer in bed
  • Doesn’t use up a lot of lube
    • Since this Fleshlight is one of the most popular models there are a lot of testimonials and user reviews posted on the Fleshlight site for you to check out.
      I have not seen a negative post about the Stamina Training yet and I doubt I ever will to be honest. Dopest Fleshlight ever in my opinion.

      Buy the Stamina Traning Fleshlight from Fleshlight.com


      1. The STU was the first Fleshlight that I purchased. Your right too talk about freaking amazing. I got it from a local sex shop it was one of the only textures that they had, I really wanted one of the girls. Anyway I drove home and used it right away, I have had plenty of sex but this thing made me cum but the 3rd or 5th stroke the sensation is incredible.
        I love the STU but I still want to have a go with one of the girls fleshlights. I love Jesse Jane a huge fan and want to try her gauntlet however I am looking at the Stoya Destroya, your reviews of both are making it hard to decide which one would you recommend?

        • That’s great, good to hear that the STU is doing it’s job!

          Jesse Jane Gauntlet VS Stoya Destroya.

          The most notable difference between the two besides the pussy lips is that the Stoya Fleshlight gets tighter the farther in you go. The “fangs” in the middle is a little longer so they can also make it feel tighter. It’s easier to go in and out of the Gauntlet so if you like to fuck it fast and hard the Gauntlet might be a better pick.

          The Fleshlight Girl models come in a more life like skin color and they are also much softer then the STU you have now. If you’re a fan of Jesse Jane I think you really are going to like that her Fleshlight looks just like her real vagina. So if I where you I would buy the Jesse Jane Gauntlet.

      2. Is this still okay for men in the 4-5 inch range?

        • Yes, the Stamina Training Unit is pretty tight and the texture stays the same through out the sleeve. You might enjoy the Sex in a can Fleshlights more though. They are about 7 inches long and they are all very tight. The SukIt Draft is one of the better ones.

      3. Hi I need help if you dont mind, is there a way whether to tell if an STU is original or fake? Are there certain markings and signature prints that would define it’s authenticity. Since ILF doesn’t deliver in our country, resellers are the only people I can buy from. But I’m scared if China imitations chemical scare and stuff. Thanks!

      4. STU was the first fleshlight i bought! AND WOW! I find it quite stimulating for the mushroom tip, not so much the shaft but the tip was under constant attack by the little spheres! I tried it with a condom and felt almost as the real thing! One thing i don’t like is that the cap seems to be loose no matter how much i’ve closed! This is a common problem with the STU, but with a little ingenuity this can be fixed! Otherwise a great product worth buying! If u don’t own a fleshlight u might consider the STU cause u can’t buy the sleeve later without the case so its a great first purchase cause you’ll have a sleeve and later u can buy different inserts! 10/10 for the STU

        • Thank you for sharing your review of the Stamina Training Unit Simski. I agree with you 100%. This is one of the best Fleshlights out there for sure.

        • Thx Simski,
          I gave it a try and it has really increased my stamina and frequency. Keep it up.

      5. Have anyone from the UK ever order from Fleshlight? I just wonder how long it take for the delivery and how much is secure for using credit card to pay.

        And can you do the BIBI JONES vagina Bi Hive review please.

        • Hey GG, it takes no more then 1 week. UPS delivers to your door.

          Yes I know, I own the Bibi Jones Bi-Hive but I’ve been so lazy lately. 🙂


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