Fleshlight Sex In A Can Review

Fleshlight Sex In A Can Review

The sex-in-a-can Fleshlight is cheap but that doesn’t mean that it won’t live up to the quality standard of the more expensive Fleshlight models. I believe this product was made to cater to younger people that usually can’t afford to buy a $80 dollar Fleshlight. So they made it smaller to cut costs and lowered the price by 50% so you can now get a Fleshlight for $40 and if you take advantage of the coupon codes you’ll find on the Fleshlight.com site can get it for even less money.

Sex in a Can Fleshlights

Sex in a Can Fleshlights are cheap, tight and easy to clean!

I think the Sex in a Can Fleshlights are the best ones to use for your quick masturbation sessions. They are tight which means that you are going to come quick and since they are smallers then the normal sized sleeves they are also easier to clean. Great sex toys for every day use.

Rating by Fleshone: 5.0 stars

My little SIAC Fleshlight overview:

The regular Fleshlight is about around 10 inches long (25 cm) and the SIAC Fleshlights measure around 6 inches (14 cm). So there is definitely a difference in size. If you happen to have a 10 inch cock you might not want to buy the smaller SIAC Fleshlights unless you like it really tight. And if you happen to been born with a smaller then average penis the Sex in a Can series is a perfect match for you. 4-5 inch cocks will LOVE it inside these smaller Fleshlights. You will be able to enjoy the entire texture as you penetrate balls deep into them.

The Sex-in-a-Can models comes in three variations. They all got unique orifices and sleeve textures so you get to choose between the ass, the blowjob mouth and the vagina model.

If you don’t feel like reading the entire review and just want to know which the best mini Fleshlight is I’ll tell you right now. My favorite SIAC Fleshlight was the Sukit Draft. The anal O’Doyle Stout Fleshlight came in second place and the Lotus Lager was my least favorite by far.

SukitDry Swallow Fleshlight review:

Fellatio FleshlightBlowjob Swallow Fleshlight
I only had to use the Suk it Dry Fleshlight for a minute or two before deciding that this was the winner among the three textures. It’s tighter and shorter but it still feels very similar to the Stoya and Jenna Haze Swallow.
You can clearly feel the ridges when you push your cock through them and it feels good but the best part is in the middle of the Fleshlight. It really feels like it swallows your dick. It’s hard to describe but when you get there yourself will know what I’m talking about. It sounds very cool too when you hit that spot, it’s not a loud sound but you can definitely hear the cock sucking cluck sound if you pay attention to it.

The reason why I prefer this model over the other two mini-fleshlights is because it reminds me of getting a blowjob. I just love the feeling of a wet warm mouth, it’s the best! If you have 40 bucks to spare I would recommend that you get this model. The mouth orifice looks kinda weird to be honest, I would prefer if it looked like an asshole or a pussy but it’s the inside that counts right? It feels incredible to fuck the Sukit Draft fleshlight and that’s good enough for me.

O’Doyles Stout Fleshlight Review:

Cheap Butt Anal FleshlightAsshole Fleshlight

I was a little surprised after opening up the O’Doyle Fleshlight. The anal hole is really tiny and it looks very tight so I was a little worried that I wouldn’t fit inside it.
I put my fingers inside to test out the tightness and once I got passed the ass hole I felt the inner chamber expand to my delight. So the entrance of the hole is indeed tight but it will expand to comfortably fit 3-4 fingers inside there. If you have a really thick dick you should probably buy one of the other Fleshlights with Vagina or Mouth openings.

So how does the O’Doyles Stout feel?

Odoyle Stout Fleshlight texture
So I warm up the Stout with tap water, lubricate my cock and I also pour a little lube inside the Fleshlight. I notice right away that it feels tighter then the larger original Forbidden texture. I’m not used to holes being this tight! I’m definitely gonna have to break this one in.

The first part is just plain and feel like regular super soft skin, when I go a couple of inches deeper I start to feel the little ribs. They don’t stick out much so it’s a kinda subtle sensation. I push farther down and reach the next texture chamber. Suddenly the Fleshlight gets less tight and I can actually feel my cock expand inside of it. The walls are kinda wavey so you will feel your dick being forced down the S-shaped inner canal. I slowly pull out and see that my cock has grown to full hard-on size.
I think the O’Doyles Stout feels best when you tease your self with it by sticking in your head through the ass orifice and rotating the Fleshlight every so slightly while you are pulling it back and forth. When I’m about to climax I finish it off with full length strokes until I cum. I orgasm, it feels fucking amazing but it really feels like something is about to explode inside the Fleshlight.
As I’m coming I noticed that most of the sperm is dripping out of the asshole. It looked kinda hot with all that goo dripping out but you don’t want that stuff all over your crotch. I guess since these Fleshlights are smaller can’t hold in a big load of cum as the larger models do. So that it’s something to keep in mind, be ready for cum spillage!

Lotus Lager Fleshlight Review:

Lotus Spread Eagle Lager

I have mixed feelings about this one. Lets pretend that I have never used a Fleshlight before and I have not experienced the full sized Lotus texture. If we pretend that I would say that this a pretty good little sex machine. If you like big pussy lips you are going to love the Lotus Lager, they remind me of something you might pick up 3 in the morning at some bar.

Lotus Spread Eagle Lager

Anyways, the vagina orifice feels nice and soft as I expected. It’s not too tight and not too loose. Inside you can clearly feel the various different texture, it feels pretty good, better then my hand but I’m not blown away by this one. The faster you fuck it the less you feel of the Lotus texture. It felt best when I slowed down to about one stroke a second. I came after 10 minutes or so inside the Lotus Lager and that was defiantly the highlight of this Fleshlight flight.
It was not bad but I’ve have had better. It did not compare to the original Lotus texture in terms of realistic feel and stimulation.
The Lotus Lager Sex in a Can Fleshlight didn’t really blow me away like other textures have in the past but it was a decent fuck. If you are looking for a Fleshlight that feels like a real vagina I would recommend you to try the Full Sized Lotus or Mini-Lotus Fleshlight instead of the Lotus Lager.

Useful SIAC Fleshlight tips:

Do NOT use too much water-based lubricant or you might not feel the entire texture as it was intended. Too much lube can numb the sensory receptors on your penis.
You should also play around with the suction cap adjustments till you find your sweet spot. Changing the suction can make a really big difference on how the Fleshlight feels.

Don’t be afraid to take out the sleeve from the case and fuck yourself with just the sleeve texture. By doing this you can fuck the fleshlight backwards and feel a whole other side of the texture.

The Sex in a Can Fleshlights are small enough for you to safely smuggle with you to shower. Using the Fleshlight in the shower is great not only because you don’t have to worry about people walking in on you. You can fuck it like crazy and don’t worry about making a big mess. It’s also easy to clean up when you are done. Just make sure that you don’t use shampoo or lotion inside the Fleshlight. Always use water-based lube!

As always enjoy and don’t forget to check out the Fleshlight.com site for more reviews and testimonials.


  1. I think the new Flight Fleshlight is better then the Sex in a Can.

  2. Unsure why the reviewer didn’t like the Lady Lager model
    but as far as I’m concerned.. it ROCKED!
    The Lady Lager Sex in a can model is the 1st fleshlight i ever purchased and boy am i glad i chose this one to be my 1st. To give you a better idea of this review and how it pertains to you, as far as myself, my cock is average thickness and about 6 3/4″ in length.

    The pussy lips on this model are rather large and supple which i enjoy watching the head of my cock flip them back and forth in anticipation of going in.
    As I penetrated this one for the 1st time i immediately noticed how comfortably snug it was on me as almost like a nice tight teenage girl. I could not believe how unbelievable it felt! Slow stroking or pumping in this with plenty of lube will make you a happy gent indeed! Adjustable suction on the back of the can by screwing the back cap in or out will get it right where you desire. The orgasms I have experienced are some of the best i have ever had in my life. I like this better than my full size model fleshlight because of the vaginal realism and tightness. Like I said earlier, very similar to a nice snug teenage pussy.
    The only negative I could think of would be if you had a real big cock (8 in.+) you might want to opt for a full size fleshlight model because you will bottom out on this one.
    Being that I am average thickness and length it was perfect for myself.
    I give this one a 5 star rating. You will not regret getting one! Only $45 bucks at PinkCherry.com with promotional code ‘Thankyou’

  3. Mini Fleshlights are the best

    I’ll admit it I have a small cock, about 4 inches but I still enjoy fucking the shit out of women and my fleshlights. I am not letting my below average penis stop me from enjoying life. Been trying a couple of different sex toys and these “mini fleshlights” are perfect for me b/c they are tight as fuuuuuck. I own all the sexinacan cans and I recently bought the new Flight (white version) that I cant wait to fuck. if you have a smallish cock these fleshlights are the bomb!!

  4. Hello..
    I am looking for something that has extreme tightness. What toy or SIAC is the tightest?

  5. Hi i am looking for the tightest toy I can find.. I am average size, is the forbidden the tightest fleshlight available?

    • The tightest Fleshlight would be any of the Sex In A Can models. The Forbidden is really tight! The Swallow (SukIt Draft) is also amazingly tight. I prefer that one because the ribbing and snug throat canal makes for a excellent combo when it comes to stimulating the head of the cock.

      The Flight Fleshlights are also pretty damn tight but the SIAC versions are a bit tighter.


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