Fleshlight Review: Jenna Haze Swallow

Fleshlight Review: Jenna Haze Swallow

When I first recived the Jenna Haze Swallow Fleshlight I got really excited.
I had read a lot of good things about this sleeve insert on the Fleshlight Forums.
Supposedly the Swallow is going to feel like getting a deep troat blowjob.
Blowjob in a can? By no other then Jenna Haze? Sign me up please!

I put in my order for the Jenna Haze Swallow on Fleshlight.com
It was $79.95 which included the white pearl case. The package arrived on my door step after around 4-5 days. Here are a couple of pictures of the Jenna Haze Swallow btw. The mouth orifice is an mold from Jenna Haze’s actual mouth and the texture is replicating the human mouth and throat.

Do you see the thing in the middle of the Swallow? That’s the secret sauce right there, the human pharynx is what makes getting deep troated feel so good.
So that is definitaly my favorite part of this Fleshlight texture but all the other textures inside the Swallow definitely play there part as well. I just love the feeling of my dick gliding in and out of the center part of the Swallow.

Watch the making of Jenna Haze Fleshlight video:

Fucking the Jenna Haze Swallow for the first time

So I put my dick against Jenna Haze sexy lips and got hard instantly just thinking about my cock growing inside her mouth. My dick was already wet from pre cum so I didn’t need to lube up at first. I close my eyes and I slide down inside her mouth until I could feel the back of her tongue. The deeper I penetrated into the Swallow to better it felt, I could now feel all the tiny little ridges on the wall massaging my cock down as it when down her throat. I was hard as a rock by this point.

I took it slow the first couple of minutes before pouring a good amount of lube inside the Fleshlight. As I enter the mouth orifice again I notice just how realistic the skin on the Swallow feels. I hadn’t really paid that much attention to it at first but as my dick grew in size and got harder I started to appreciate the sensation more.
I play around with the tongue part of the Swallow for a couple of minutes before I decide that I want to jam my cock down her throat as far as I can go.

This Fleshlight makes blowjob sounds!
When you go fast and hard into the Swallow it makes the exact same sound I remember from that night when I got my first sloppy drunken blowjob.
It’s hard to describe the sound the throat makes when you shove a big dick down there, but if you’ve experinced it yourself you definitely know what I’m talking about.

So anyways, I fuck the shit out of the Swallow for a good 5 minutes. I jerk it slow, I twist it around, I even turned it upside down and fucked it the other way. It felt awesome! I now feel that I’m about to cum so I put the Swallow sleeve back into the Fleshlight case, I screw the end-cap back on and slowly stick my dick back inside.
My cock is throbbing pretty fast right now and I know that it won’t take much for me to explode inside of Jenna. As close my eyes and trust myself deep inside I feel the back of her lovely troat again. I listen to the clucking sound each stroke makes, it really feels like I’m getting a real blowjob from Jenna Haze.

Enter the Climax!
It feels like all blood in my body is rushing to my cock, oh my god it’s getting even harder and as I enter the back of the Swallow one last time I just lose it.
I came so fucking hard that I almost thought my cock had exploded inside the Fleshlight. My whole body is shaking from the heavy climax but I manage to sit down on the bed and pull out of Jenna Haze mouth.
My dick rests on her lips and I play around with the Fleshlight for a little while, I dunno how long exactly, time kinda stands still I come this hard inside my fleshlights.

What the fuck!
I’m interupted by a river of sperm dripping out through her lips onto my legs.
Time to clean up man! Off to the bathroom I go to clean out the sperm in Jenna Haze’s Mouth. Cleaning is the least enjoyable part of using a Fleshlight but you know what, when you are done cleaning you are free to fuck it again.
There you have it, another Fleshlight trip report from me. 🙂

Jenna Haze Swallow Fleshlight

Want Jenna Haze to suck your cock? The Swallow Fleshlight is as close as you are going to get. It feels great!

The Jenna Haze Swallow should be called the perfect blowjob because that’s what it feels like. It’s tight, ribbed and smooth all at the same time which will make you come after just a couple of minutes or so. I love the Swallow Fleshlight!

Rating by Fleshone: 5.0 stars

Would I recommend buying the Jenna Haze Swallow Fleshlight?
Do you like getting blowjobs?
Do you have $60-$80 to spare?
Then the answer is, YES!!!
There’s a reason I nicked named the Swallow texture the Blowjob Machine aka Fellatio in a can aka the Deep Throat Express etc etc.
The Jenna Haze Swallow Fleshlight simulates a REAL blowjob, not one of those I can only fit half your cock in my mouth kinda deals. This baby goes all the way down, 10 inches to deep throat town.

If you have a girlfriend or wife that doesn’t like giving blowjobs you just have to buy the Swallow Fleshlight so you get to experince what a real sloppy deep throat blowjob actually feels like. Who cares if it feels a little ridiculous or embarrassing to fuck a rubber pussy or mouth in this case. You are gonna feel like a king after having a go inside Jenna Haze Swallow.

Link to Jenna Haze Swallow Fleshlight
Link to the Fleshlight Online Store
Link to Videos of Jenna Haze and other Fleshlight Girls.


  1. I have 3 Fleshlights and The Swallow Fleshlight is my favorite. I dont know why but it makes me cum faster then anyother sex toy I own. The shape of her mouth and lips really makes me rock hard.

  2. favorite fleshlight

    The Jenna Haze Swallow was the first Fleshlight I bought and I have used it more then 100 times. I love it and I have recommended it to two of my male friends.

  3. Hey man nice review !

    When your package arrive, does your Jenna Haze swallow come with a plastic tubing inside it that you have to remove or?


    • Yes, almost all Fleshlights come with a plastic tube stuck inside them. Just remove it, clean the Fleshlight with some water and it’s ready for use. Enjoy!

  4. Just tried my newly bought jenna haze Swallow and oh my god!!!!! Nothing in the above review is wrong. I felt the exact same Way. And I have my ogasm extremely fast. Not so intense as I do using my marry Queen primal fleshlight….

    Just by it !!!

    • Glad to hear that Caspar. The Swallow Fleshlight really is amazing and I think it is a must in everyone’s Fleshlight collection.

  5. I have the swallow jebba haze fleshlight in my Collection and what a fleshlight. And this review is so true. Love the slu´ppy sounds and the feeling when I reach the throat. Never tried a real deepthroat (fantasizing about it) so its hard for me to say ig the fleshlight is realistic…. But the feeling is so good.

    Im thinking of getting Jannea Hazes forbidden fleshlight – is that any good? And is it realistic analsex?

    • I agree, the swallow Fleshlight really is amazing.

      The anal Fleshlights feel great. The tight opening grips your cock just like an asshole would. It kinda works like a cock ring since it restricts blood flow so when you are deep inside you get really hard.

      If you’re looking for a super tight anal simulation toy look for the now discountinued Sex in a can Mini Forbidden. It is extremly tight though so if you’re dick is average or above buy the regular Forbidden Fleshlight. Have fun!


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