Fleshlight Flight User Reviews

fleshlight flight user reviews

Fleshlight Flight was released about a month ago so lots of guys have now tried it and left their feedback, reviews and opinions on this brand new sex device for men. I also let you know what my initial impressions of the Flight are. Spoiler Alert: It’s Great!

Fleshlight Flight User Reviews & Feedback

The Flight is the perfect Fleshlight for guys with 6-7 inch or smaller cocks. The newly designed case fits perfect in your hand as you’re tugging along, it’s lighter then the bigger Fleshlights but it also has a better grip so it won’t slip out of your hands. Most guys don’t walk around with 10 inch cocks so we never get to experience the full texture of the older Fleshlights but with the Flight they made sure that you feel every inch of it.

The best part about the Fleshlight Flight is how good the texture feels. The Flight sleeve borrows it’s design from one of the best Fleshlights every created, the Stoya Destroya. The Flight is kinda like a more compact and tighter version of the Destroya. You are going to have mindblowing orgasms inside the Flight Fleshlight.

fleshlight flight texture review

Fleshlight Flight Climax & Orgasm

You can vary the intensity of the Flight by adjusting the suction cap or use a little extra lube. Every man like it a little different so play around with different combinations until you find what works best for you. Heat up the sleeve, drop some lube inside and start fucking it. It’s a medium on the tightness scale, tighter then a regular Fleshlight but looser then the Sex-in-a-Can series. The orifice is pretty tight though so it grips your cock very nicely. The orgasm can get very intense so you may have to pull out or pause the fucking after your climax depending on how sensitive you are.

Fleshlight Flight Pros & Cons

Very Stimulating “Stoya Destroya” type texture
Creates Strong Orgasms
Better Grip
Better Air Suction Control
More Discrete and Looks Cool

The Orifice looks like a Turbine Engine.
Might be too small/short for guys with 7+ inch dicks.
Can’t balance the case on it’s bottom ie: standing upside down

There is no question that the Flight is an awesome product. A step in the right direction for the Fleshlight company, the Flight is perfect!

The Fleshlight Flight is available with 15% OFF from Fleshlight.com

Side note for Mr Big Dick:
If your cock is longer then 7 inches / 17 cm you would enjoy the Stoya Destroya more because of the deeper canal which will allow you to trust all the way in.

Fleshlight Flight Videos:

fleshlight flight video


  1. Finally got my Flight Fleshlight. The case was smaller then I thought but it’s much easier to handle then the regular case. The Flight texture feels really nice, it can get pretty intense especially if you fuck it really fast.

    I have masturbated with the Flight about 5 times already, this last time my legs where shaking from the strong orgasm it gave me. 😀

  2. Simply awesome. I somewhat neglected my other fleshlights for a period of time when I got this one lol. It’s so much easier to handle, transport, use, and clean compared to the others(I own swallow,destroya,forbidden,mini-lotus,stu). I love how discrete it is as well. The Flight is easy-to-enter and the mini-destroya texture is mind-blowing and can sneak up on you quickly; things get unimaginably intense toward the end. I think this is a must have for anyone’s collection. The only con for me is that standing it up can be tricky, i usually prop it up against something.

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