Cure Death Grip Syndrome With Fleshlight

cure death grip syndrome with fleshlight

Death Grip Syndrome (DGS) is when you have masturbated too hard and furiously with your hand that your penis nerves have become desensitized to the subtle touch of a real vagina. The only way to cure the DGS is to stop masturbating with your hand!

Tanya Tate Teaches How To Cure Death Grip With Fleshlight

Tanya Tate knows what she is talking about. I suggest buying the Stamina Training Unit Fleshlight and start curing your Death Grip Syndrome today!

How Can You Tell If You Have Death Grip Syndrome?

If you are having trouble climaxing and coming when you have sex with a woman and you end up having to jerk yourself off with a really hard grip in order to come. If that description fits you, you probably have DGS. Luckily for you it is reversible.

Regain Sensitivity In Your Cock & Cure DGS

You need to stop masturbating with your hand and start masturbating with a Fleshlight or some other Masturbator sleeves. Fleshlights are great tools for curing DGS because they are soft, warm and mimics the feeling a real vagina. They don’t wear out the nerves in your dick like your hand would. It may take a week or so before you start regaining sensitivity and the more you use the Fleshlight the better it will feel. Eventually your sensitivity levels will be back to normal and you will enjoy masturbation and real sex much much more!

Best Fleshlights To Cure Death Grip Syndrome With

Believe it or not, in order to effectively regain sensitivity in your penis you need a intense feeling masturbation sleeve. The more stimulation your penis gland gets the better as long as it’s not gripping hard like a hand would.

These are the best Fleshlights to cure DGS with:

  1. Stamina Training Unit (Most Popular)
  2. Stoya Destroya
  3. Flight Fleshlight
  4. Blade Fleshlight
  5. Sex In A Can Fleshlights (Max girth 5.5″)

Get rid of your Death Grip Syndrome today and buy a Fleshlight from


  1. I stopped masturbating by hand for 2 weeks and gained back A LOT of senitivity in my entire dick. The head was way more sensitive and even the shaft got more sensitive. It was really hard to not fap for 2 weeks tho. Might try a Fleshlight next time.

  2. just stop masturbation

    just stop masturbating for a week or so and you will feel way more the next time you use a fleshlight or have sex with a real vagin! 😉 Also use lube when you fap next time, dry rubbing your cock will wear out the nerves really fast.

  3. Interesting that they claim it can re sensitize your dick. Especially since they also claim it can make you last long (de sensitize). How can it re sensitize and de sensitize at the same time?

    In my experience, it re sensitizes the head to an extremely high degree and de sensitizes the shaft. So basically, I felt less and less on the shaft (therefore no orgasm) and an uncomfortable tickle/pain in the head. I’ve never had these problems before.

    Fleshlight damages your dick in two ways. Nobody should use it because it does the opposite of what it is supposed to.

  4. Dear general population / professionals,

    My name is Jon and I have owned and used a fleshlight for about three months. I am worried that using it will interfere with my sex life. Meaning I will get “hooked” to the feeling of a fleshlight and not care for the real thing.

    Thanks, Jon

  5. Hello, do you think a FL (swallow texture) can help to cure the DGS?

    • The Swallow is one of my favorite sleeves. I LOVE how it feels. The lips/mouth are very realistic feeling, it really does feel like real human lips. The inside of the texture feels amazing too, the horizontal ribs are magical.

      Personally I would recommend the Swallow sleeve over the Stamina Training Unit for sex practice. It’s difficult not to orgasm within a couple of pumps in this thing. So it will help you master sexual self-control.

      Will it help with DGS? Yes, a Fleshlight will but you’ve got to want to cure it too. Stick to only using a Fleshlight, no hands at all. And not to over use it, be patient and your sensitivity will come back. I also want to recommend the “Fleshlight GO – Torque Ice”. The sleeve is similar to the Swallow but it’s more compact but big enough to fit 7 inches or less. It is worth looking into.

      Good luck!

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