Cheap Fleshlight Alternatives

Cheap Japanese Fleshlights

So you are looking to save a couple of bucks. Don’t feel like spending $60 on a Fleshlight?Luckily for you there are alternatives, these japanese masturbators are cheaper then the regular Fleshlight. Have a look over at or at if you are in Europe.

Japanese Fleshlights?

Jacking off with fake rubber vaginas seems to be very popular in Japan. You can choose from hundreds of different masturbatory toys over there. There are even sex toys that looks like a regular noodle cup, very stealthy! Some of the cheaper fuck toys goes for as low as 10 bucks and the more expensive models can go for as much as 200 dollars. You’ll often find popular Japanese Idols and Porn stars on the packaging of these masturbators. The biggest difference between the Japanese “Fleshlights” and the real Fleshlight is probably the materials used and the actual length of the sex toy. Yes, it’s a well known fact that on average Asian men have smaller penises then the rest of the male population. If you happen to be bigger then 7-8 inches I would recommend spending the extra money and get a real Fleshlight. Another drawback besides the smaller size is that some of the cheaper toys are only meant to be used one or maybe two times if you clean and sanitize it properly. The popular Tenga series for example is meant to be used as a disposable sex toy. The Tenga is perfect for traveling business men. It looks just like a regular shampoo bottle to the untrained eye. You fuck it and throw it away.

Popular Japanese Onacup masturbators:

The Tenga Egg
Tenga Egg Demo
The Tenga Egg looks just like a ordinary egg but inside the shell lures a one of a kind material that is made to work your cock like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.
Inside the Tenga sleeve are tiny little ridged nodules that will make your knees tremble of excitement as you thrust your hard dick in and out. The Tenga Egg costs around $10.

Tenga Deep trout (USA size)
Tenga Blowjob
The TENGA Ultra Deep Throat is the largest onacup made for the men with penises over 6 inches. If you want to experience how a real sloppy blowjob feels you have to try the Tenga Ultra Deep Throat. It’s also super cheap, you can buy the Tenga for around $15. Free shipping on all UK orders!

Video demonstration of the Tenga Ona cup sucking power:

Saya Yukimi onacup masturbator

This is a good example of that I was talking about earlier, JAV porn star fuck toys.
Saya Yukimi’s Platinum Musee is one of the more popular models but there are lots of others to choose from. This one costs $55.

Aoi Chihiro Princess onacup

The Costume Princess Chihiro onahole is a the super cute Chihiro Aoi own sex toy, This onacup is also one of the best sellers since Chihiro Aoi is one of the sexiest new Japanese AV stars. This one is only $33.

Super expensive Japanese luxury sex toys and real sex dolls:

I’m not sure if you know this but another thing that’s popular in Japan are realistic sex dolls. They are not cheap though, they can cost anything from $5000-$30000.
Here is a video demonstration of one of these sex dolls:

It looks kinda real and it reacts like a human being, a dead human being but you would still hit it amirite?

Japanese Sex Doll

The MegaHipper is not quite as expensive as the real sex dolls. The near life size Megahipper cost just around $110. It looks more like a Anime or Manga character then a real woman but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I know a lot of guys that dream of fucking cute anime girls on a regular basis.

There you have it a short little run down of some of the cheaper Fleshlight alternatives.

You can buy all of these toys and more at Kanojotoys

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