Brent Everett Is The New Fleshjack Boy

brent everett fleshjack fleshlights

If you are a gay Fleshlight user you probably already know this but Fleshlight has a huge line up of sex toys targeted towards homosexual men. That line is called Fleshjack. It’s basically the same concept behind the Fleshjack as the Fleshlightgirls website. Popular porn actors and actresses get their pussy, butt and mouth molded and made into a Fleshlight or Fleshjack in the case of Brent Everett and the other Fleshjack Boys. The Fleshjack Boys also comes with dildos molded from their dicks.

Brent Everett New Fleshjack Sex Toys

Brent Everett Nude Fleshlight Fleshjack

Brent Everett is the latest addition to the Fleshlight Fleshjack series. The Brent Everett Fleshjack collection comes with 3 different Fleshlights and a dildo molded out of Brent Everett’s cock. If you buy the Brent Cock and Fleshjack you get to fuck him at the same time he is fucking you, that’s not even possible in real life! If you buy all three Fleshjack products you can actually fuck Brent in his mouth and ass while you are sitting on his real skin dildo. You can have your own little gang bang party all by yourself if you so please.

Brent Everett Mouth Fleshjack
Brent Everett Blowjob Swallow Fleshjack

The Brent Everett Mouth Fleshjack comes with a brand new texture that is exclusive to the Fleshjack series. It is called Ecstasy and it looks like the Love Hump Fleshlight texture with a rings added to it. Those rings was apparently inspired by Brent’s double ring tattoos. If you love getting head you might wanna get the Swallow texture instead. The Swallow simulates a blowjob by mimicking the anatomy of a mouth and throat. The orifice of the Ecstasy and Swallow Fleshjacks was molded straight from Brent’s mouth and lips. You can watch the Brent Everett molding video on his page.

Brent Everett Butt Fleshjack:
Brent Everett Butt Ass Fleshjack
There is also a Fleshjack with a Brent ass orifice. Again, this was also made from a mold of Brent Everett’s asshole. The Butt comes

Brent Everett Real Skin Dildo:
brent everett dick mold dildo
The Fleshjack series wouldn’t be complete without a Brent Everett dick replica dildo.
Here are the measurement specs on his hard cock:

Length from base to tip: 8″ (21cm) including balls
Insertable length: 7″ (17cm) excluding balls
Circumference of shaft: 5 1/2″ (14cm)
Material: Medical-grade silicone
Color: Realistic flesh tone

Brent Everett Fleshjack Picture Gallery:

Brent Everett Fleshjack Videos:

See how the Brent Everett Fleshjack was made
Fleshjack Brent Everett Mold Video

Pierre Fitch and Brent Everett Video Interivew
Pierre Fitch and Brent Everett video interview after Fleshjack mold

Brent Fucking His Fleshjack Ecstasy Mouth
Fleshjack Fleshlight Video Brent Everett fucking mouth

Brent Everett Bluray & DVD videos from Rascal Studios

FUCK U: Brent Everett
FUCKU Gay Porn featuring Brent Everrett

Brent Everrett Gay Porn Video Wetter then Ever


I read that some guys where disappointed with the choice of Brent Everett as the new Fleshjack Boy. Someone wrote that he wanted real men not twinks that look like hairless teenage boys. What do you think? Is Brent Everett a twink or man? Do you prefer the Visconti Triplets over Brent Everett? Oh yeah if you have had the chance to try the Brent Everett’s Ecstasy Fleshjack let me know what you think. I have not tried to myself so I can’t write down a Fleshjack review like I usually do when new Fleshlights comes out. Is the Brent Everrett Ecstasy Fleshjack worth the money? Let me know, thanks!

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