Best Fleshlight For Long Masturbation Sessions

best fleshlight long masturbation sessions

Are you coming to fast when you are using your Fleshlight? Maybe you should try a different sleeve texture, something less intense.

I love the Stoya Destroya and Swallow Fleshlight but they can be pretty intense so it’s hard to go for long masturbation sessions when you are fucking those two. I have found that textures will less pronounced inner textures, sleeves that are almost completely smooth on the inside lends themselves much better for those long and slow Flights.

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Best Fleshlight For Long Masturbation Sessions:


Vortex Fleshlight Texture

vortex fleshlight textureThe Vortex Fleshlight is one of my favorites for long masturbation session. The texture is not very intense, I would rate it a medium on the intense scale. It lets you control your climax but it doesn’t take much effort to make you come inside when you are ready to orgasm. When I use the Vortex I’m in control the entire time, I can decide when it’s time to shoot that load. That’s why I rank it as the number 1 sleeve for long Fleshlight sessions.


Love Humps – Teagan Presley Fleshlight

teagan presley love humps fleshlightWhat makes the Love Humps texture is awesome for longer fapping sessions is that it’s tight but very smooth. You don’t need lots of lube and the smooth inner texture won’t wear out the sensor input your dick gets when it trusts back and forth. You can fuck Teagan Presley’s Love Humps texture for a very long time but when you decide that it’s time to climax and cum you just screw the suction cup back on and fuck it harder and you’ll orgasm in no time. Just like the Vortex, the Love Hump texture leaves the climax control up to you.


Lotus Texture – Fleshlight Girl

lotus fleshlight texture long masturbation sessionsThe Lotus texture was one of the first Fleshlight’s I used and I noticed pretty quickly that it always took a long time (25 mins+) before I could orgasm using it. The length of the masturbation session depends on how sensitive or desensitized your cock is on course but generally speaking it will take longer to reach climax and orgasm inside the Lotus Fleshlight.


Alien Fleshlight

alien fleshlight texture medium intensityThe Alien Fleshlight shares some features with the Stamina Training Unit Fleshlight but since it’s less tight it doesn’t feel as intense. If your cock is very thick it will of course feel more intense and you might not be able to go for that long before you cum but for average Joe the Alien texture is a great option if you’re looking for a less intense but original texture design.

There are more Fleshlight textures that lends themselves to long masturbation sessions but these are some of my favorites and I think you will enjoy them too. Click on the images and they will take you to where you can check them all out in more detail.


  1. I have a question regarding the ranking on what you think between the Love hump and the lotus. Do you find yourself getting a longer session with the LH or Lotus? I ask because I am on the extremely sensitive side.
    I have a love fest for ASA but if you find the node on the Lotus to make things speed up I would go with what appears to be the tighter smoother LH. I already have Asa’s forbidden and I do think Teagan has a rocking body and trust me I do like the look of her fleshlight. Which one would you think I would get the most enjoyment with for a long stimulation and an enjoyable one at that? Are they extremely different experience all together? Thanks

  2. I like the Love Hump because it can bring me to the brink of orgasm if I want to. The lotus takes more work for me but since you are extra sensitive you might actually really enjoy the lotus. And yes I think the Lotus feels different, the love hump is tighter which I really like. They are both smooth though so that’s something that they have in common and that is also why they both are good choices for Fleshlights that you can fuck for a long time without wearing yourself out.

    If you know that you will get off just thinking about Asa Akira’s vagina you are not going to regret buying her Lotus sleeve. I usually don’t recommend the Lotus to people but since you’re super sensitive you might actually really love it. The Lotus is leading the poll so far so you can take that for what it’s worth.

    Good luck!

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