Asa Akira Dragon Fleshlight Is Here

asa akira fleshlight girl dragon fleshlight

Two weeks ago we saw the launch of the Lisa Ann Fleshlights and her new Barracuda texture, this week it looks like we are getting another famous porn star to join the FLG family.

The Asa Akira Fleshlights are finally here!

If you live in Europe or in any other part of the world you can already order it from No need to wait for an international release this time around! I grabbed a bunch of picture of it for you guys to check out, I’m hoping that we get to see a video or two with Asa and her new sex toys soon.

Asa Akira lives and shoots porn movies in America but she is actually 100% percent Japanese, so this is the first time a J-girl gets her own Official Fleshlight sex toy line up. She has tons and tons of fans so the release of the Asa Akira All-ways Fleshlight pack will surely make lots of guys happy!

Lets have a look at the new Asa Akira Fleshlights:

There are four different Asa Akira sleeves and textures to choose from but only one that is new and exclusive to Asa.

Asa Akira Dragon Fleshlight:

asa akira dragon fleshlight texture

The Dragon texture that comes in the shape of Asa Akiras Vagina looks very interesting and it kinda looks the way I wanted it too. I was hoping that Asa Akira would get a texture inspired by the twisting sleeve design from the onacup masturbators found in Asia. The Dragon Fleshlight sleeve looks fresh and I can’t wait to try it out.

Asa Akira Swallow Mouth Fleshlight:

asa akira fleshlight swallow mouth

If you read this blog you should know that I’m a huge fan the Swallow texture. It’s tight, smooth and ribbed which makes for an excellent blowjob simulation. If you don’t already own the Swallow Fleshlight I highly suggest giving it a go. Asa’s lips look very nice but they could sure use a little color, maybe put some lipstick on her before you enter that sexy Japanese mouth?

Asa Akira Forbidden Anal Fleshlight:

asa akira fleshlight forbidden anal butt

Did you know that Asa Akira just recently got into anal sex, most girls don’t like anal sex but those who get hooked on it LOVE it! Asa seems to fall in the latter category as I have seen her film a lot of anal porn and even a double penetration scene just a couple of months ago. If you ever wanted to fuck Asa Akira in her ass but can’t afford her super porn star rates you should know that there is a Asa Akira Butt Fleshlight waiting for you!

Asa Akira Lotus Vagina Fleshlight:

asa akira lotus fleshlight
This texture is my least favorite out of the four sleeves, was kinda hoping to see the return of the mini-lotus Fleshlight which feels much better in my opinion. The lotus suits guys with 10 inch dicks best, smaller guys will have a hard time to enjoy the entire sleeve, it lacks variety in the way it stimulates your cock so unless you can jam your dick through the entire thing you won’t get to same experience as the dudes with long penises. Anyways, it’s not bad but for the price you are way better off getting any of the 3 other Asa Akira Fleshlight sleeves.

You’ll find all of these Fleshlights including the exclusive Asa Akira Dragon on

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