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Fleshlight Butt Anal Sex

When was the last time you fucked a really hot girl and when was the last time you had anal sex with a girl? Maybe you’ve never got the opportunity to fuck anyone in the ass. Don’t worry, you can experience what it feels like to put your dick into someones butt with out going to a prostitute and get teh aids! It’s true that more and more girls are willing to experiment with anal sex these days but the ratio of girls who like to take it up the ass compared to those who refuse to have anal sex is still very skewed towards the NO ANAL side.

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Not Getting to Hit Dat Ass? Try the Anal Fleshlight!

Well, what if I told you that you could fuck a porn star in the ass, Jenna Haze in her butt and come inside Stoya tight little anal hole all you want! I got good news and bad news for you all. The bad news are that if you’re not a porn actor yourself you’ll probably never get to have sex with either of those women. The demand is just too high! However, there is a way you could get to fulfill your anal sex fantasy with all of them. The next best thing to having real sex is to fuck a Fleshlight. If you love anal sex like I do you will also LOVE the anal Fleshlights that are out there. All you need is your favorite Jenna Haze DVD and her Anal Fleshlight and you are all set!

Lets take a look at all the different Anal Fleshlights that are available for purchase. There are around 8-10 Butt Fleshlights in all kinda of shapes, colors and sizes. The most popular anal Fleshlights are the Fleshjack Jackass, The Original Butt and the Fleshlight Girls anal textures. There are only three Pornstars who have their own custom molded Anal Fleshlights but I’m hoping more of them will get their own in the future because the Anal sleeves feels so much different then the normal vagina orifices. The way the butt squeezes around your cock feels just like real anal sex in my opinion and that’s what makes them special.

Jenna Haze Anal Fleshlight

Stoya Forbidden Texture Butt Fleshlight

Jenna Haze was the first porn star to ger her own anal Fleshlight. It comes with the Forbidden texture which is molded from Jenna’s actually asshole. Jenna Haze’s hole looks fragile but trust me on this, you can tear that ass up pretty good and it will look like nothing happened to it. The anal texture is called Forbidden and is way tighter then the normal vagina textures so it feels totally different it that’s the only Fleshlight you have tried before. Jenna Haze also have a Blowjob Fleshlight called the “Swallow” that I reviewed a couple of months back.
Jenna Haze 3 FleshlightsJennaHaze Fleshlight Forbidden Butt AnalJenna Haze Forbidden Ass Fleshlight

Stoya Anal Fleshlight

Stoya Forbidden Texture Butt Fleshlight

Oh yes, the number one seller as of late, the Stoya series featuring such instant classics as the Stoya Destroya and the Swallow Fleshlight!
Stoya also have an anal Fleshlight, molded straight of her juicy asshole. Look closer at the Fleshlight images below and you will see how incredibly life like and detailed the Stoya asshole is. They even matched Stoya’s pale white skin on the Fleshlight. Stoya’s Anal Fleshlight also comes with the Forbidden texture like all the other porn star models. This is your chance to fuck Stoya in the ass, in her pussy and even in her mouth! Read my Stoya Fleshlight Review for more details!
stoya all ways fleshlightStoya Forbidden Anal Orifice FleshlightStoya Forbidden Anal Fleshlight Case

Fleshjack Original Butt and Fleshjack Ice

If you’re not already aware the Fleshjack is Fleshlights product line directed towards homosexual men. The Jackass is one of the better selling Fleshjack product, it’s probably because gay men prefer to fuck butts and assholes instead of pussies. The Jackass anal orifice is also extra tight to simulate that tight butt feeling.
Fleshjack Anal Butt FleshlightJackass Fleshlight GayTransparent Ice Fleshlight

Sex in a can mini Fleshlights

The O’Doyle Stout Fleshlight is smaller then the regular Fleshlights but it still gets the job done quite convincingly. The anal orifice on the SIAC Fleshlight is tighter then the rest due to it’s small form factor but it’s also much cheaper the larger sex toys. The sex in a can Fleshlights also comes in 3-packs and are then packed in the Lotus Lager and Sukit Draft sex toys.
Odoyle Stout Anal Beer Fleshlightodoyles-Anal-Butt-orifice-fleshlightmini forbidden fleshlight texture

I think that covers all the Anal Fleshlights that you can buy.
Which Fleshlight orifice do you prefer? Do you like the Original Butt look or do you like the realistic Porn Star Fleshlights better?
Do you prefer the Ass or the Pussy? Describe why you think the Butt feels better then the Vagina and vice versa in the comment section below.

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  1. I never fucked a woman up the ass, however, I would love to fuck Stoya up the Ass.

    From the UK

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