Alien Fleshlight Review

Alien Avatar Fleshlight Review

The Alien Fleshlight is no doubt the weirdest looking sex toy I have ever reviewed. I was not sure if I wanted to fuck this Alien Vagina at first, it’s embarrassing enough to buy a regular Fleshlight but an Alien Avatar Fleshlight, man that’s much worse! Thankfully I was able to get it from no questions asked. They now sell it to people outside the US via their international shop so I was able to get it that way.

Anyways, I don’t have a Alien or Navi Avatar fetish but this blue double clit Fleshlight have been getting great reviews from people that have used it and I have read enough testimonials to convince me to buy one.

alien navi fleshlight transparent case
This is what the Alien FL looks like in a transparent case (standard is blue).

So I get the Alien Fleshlight delivered to my door step and the first thing I do when I get back inside is to rip the packaging open and run into the bathroom and let it soak in hot water for a couple of minutes. You have to prepare the Fleshlight before you fuck it the first time in order to have the best experience with it. It feels way better when it’s warm because you can feel every thing inside the alien pussy.

I watched regular porn when I masturbated with the Alien Fleshlight because I’m not really into Alien porn, it doesn’t turn me on but I have to say the girls in the “This Ain’t Avatar XXX” DVD looks kinda hot. So if you get excited thinking about fucking blue Navi Avatars you should definitely get the Avatar XXX porn parody. It’s only $15 bucks or so extra to get the DVD with 3D Glasses along with the Alien FL.

What’s Great About The Alien Fleshlight Texture?

One of the reasons why I decided to buy Alien Fleshlight was because the inner sleeve texture looked really interesting and lots of people wrote that they loved it. The Alien texture is a mixture of of the Vortex and STU (stamina training unit) sleeves. The STU texture was designed to make you come as quick as possible so it feels very nice and the vortex was a pleasant surprise. I was not sure how it would feel and it’s kinda hard to explain but the twist kinda hug around your cock and that sensation in combination with the STU bumps feels amazing! If you want to climax and orgasm after a couple of minutes the Alien is is great. It’s not super tight but you can definitional feel the squeeze and the round STU bumps doesn’t wear out your dick so it’s also great for longer fapping sessions.

The Alien Fleshlight is basically a clone of the Stamina Training Unit with a Vortex / Lotus node section in the beginning section of the sleeve. So if you don’t mind the blue pearlescent color and huge alien vagina with double clitorises you are getting one of the best Fleshlights ever made with a twist, literally. It’s awesome and well worth the money.

alien fleshlight review clear case

Alien Fleshlight

Fuck the haters! The Blue Alien Navi Avatar Fleshlight is awesome!

Alien sex feels much better then I thought it would! Who knew fucking an Alien Fleshlight would put such a big smile on my face!

Rating by Fleshone: 4.5 stars

Alien Fleshlight User Reviews & Testimonials

“My Alien Fleshlight is more than i could have hoped for in a sex toy and it beats out the real deal from several ex-girlfriends!”

“I have had the Alien FL for a month now and I bang the shit out it everyday. It still makes me cryout with pleasure and I own 13 Fleshlights!”

“I vote for Alien, it’s a really nice sleeve to pound hard. Feels like a woman’s pussy when it’s super wet and kinda relaxed after a few orgasms. The node also feels a little like hitting a woman’s cervix.”

Blue Alien Navi Vagina Fleshlight Sex Toy

I’m not sure how long they will keep selling the Alien Fleshlight on but as of this review (Spring 2011) it’s still available. If you really want to try out this Avatar sex toy you should pick one up as soon as possible though because the last time they had Alien FL’s for sale they where discontinued just after a couple of months.
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  1. is it weird that I get a hardon watching the alien chicks in the Avatar movie? I would like to try that alien pussy lol.

  2. I got this a few days ago as my first fleshlight. I thought it would be ideal as I couldn’t decide which texture word be best for me and this had 3 in 1 plus since I’m a bit weird the alien thing kinda appealed to me. This thing blew me away. Absolutely fantastic, I must have used it 10 times in the last 2 days. In my opinion for pure physical stimulation this is actually better than six. I’m serious. Quite possibly some of the best money I’ve ever spent.

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