2011 New Fleshlight Girls Predictions

New Fleshlights 2011

2010 was a great year for Fleshlight users all across the world. The Fleshlight Sex Toy company expanded into new markets, they setup a Fleshlight facility in Spain and opened up an online Fleshlight shop to make it easier and cheaper for Europeans to order their favorite sex toys.

The most exciting stuff that happened in 2010 was definitely seeing over 15 brand new Fleshlight textures being introduced through out the year. The year started out with a massive reveal of 9 new Fleshlight Girl Textures for the FLG series. A couple of months after that we go to see and enjoy the European Porn sensations Aletta Ocean, Lucy Belle, Tarra White and Black Angelika. The Private Collection came with a sexy red case and a new texture called Primal. On the Fleshjack side they added 3 new guys to their Fleshjack Boys line up and introduced some cool signature textures. My personal favorite this year was hands down the Stoya Fleshlight. And I know you guys loved it as well! Stoya quickly became a favorite Fleshlight of mine not only because of the sweet Destroya texture but also because her Fleshlights felt and looked more realistic then the others I had tried that year. I think they may have tweaked that secret Fleshlight recipe.

Then finally came the Alien Fleshlight that we all had been waiting for, okay maybe not all of us but fans that missed the boat on the original alien fleshlight certainly was pleased with it’s comeback. They brought back the Alien Fleshlight a couple of months after the big blockbuster movie Avatar has premiered. We all know what happens to popular movies, the porn industry just has to make a parody version of it so naturally the “This ain’t Avatar XXX” was produced and sold along with the Alien Fleshlight aka Avatar Fleshlight. In last couple of months 2010 Tori Black and Misty Stone got their own Fleshlights which was great end to a wonderful year filled with Fleshlight awesomeness.

2011 Fleshlight Predictions:

Faye Reagan Fleshlight?

During the last quarter of 2010 there was a lot of rumors of new Fleshlight Girls being introduced. It was rumored that Faye Reagan, Monique Alexander and Tori Black would get their own Fleshlight sex toys but we only got to see the Tori Black Fleshlight. I think and hope that we will be able to buy the Faye Reagan Fleshlight and Monique Alexander Fleshlight by spring 2011. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a Faye Fleshlight and a brand texture to go with it (maybe a japan inspired design).

Mouth and Anal Fleshlight for European Private Girls?

I also think they are going to be expanding the Private Fleshlight Girl line up.
Since most the Fleshlight Girls now have had all their fuck holes molded and cast into fuckable sex toys I hope that we will see Mouth and Anal Fleshlights made from Aletta Ocean, Black Angelika Lucy Belle, Tarra White. All of those girls does anal scenes so it would be really awesome since there is so much anal porn to jerk off with your Fleshlight. I think all of them have done double penetration and gang bang scenes as well so you could buy the entire Private Primal Fleshlight collection and throw yourself a sex party with all of your favorite euro porn girls.

Fan created Fleshlight textures in 2011?

I have been reading Fleshlight Forum and a user named Buzzby have been posting lots of great photoshops of possible Fleshlight Textures. I think these looks really cool and would probably feel very good.

Fleshlight Octopus Texture:
Octopus large speed bump fleshlight texture
Imagien the Stamina Traning Fleshlight (STU) but with huge bumps that squeeze your cock in a very pleasureful way

Fleshlight Corkscrew Texture:
fleshlight corkscrew texture
A even tighter tighter version of the forbidden anal sleeve. It’s tighter but a more pronounced, corkscrew, inner channel if you will. I like it, looks like cool anal sex texture.

Snug Humps Texture:
Love Humps Snug Teagan Presley Fleshlight
I like Teagan Presley’s Love Humps Fleshlight but I agree with Buzzby on this one, if they only made it snugger like in the picture above I think people would really love it!

Deepthroat Fleshlight Texture:
deep throat pharynx fleshlight
I love the blowjob Fleshlight aka the Swallow so looking at the Deepthroat texture I know that this would make for a extremely good blowjob simulation. Hitting the back of a girls throat with your cock feels amazing for some reason and since this texture has three pharynx sections it just has to feel very very good!

Thanks to Buzzby for these! Lets hope that the Fleshlight Design Team see’s and pays attention to these fan made texture creations. It would be super cool if they let users create their own Fleshlight textures like the Deepthroat sleeve. Don’t think that will really happen in 2011 though but maybe some time in the future if we’re lucky.

More Fleshlight Hopes & Predictions for 2011:

We need some kinda Fleshlight warmer but I’m not sure how it would work. Something that heats up your Fleshlight fast and without making it wet.
tenga warmer heat up sex toy
The Tenga warmer works pretty well so something like that but thicker and longer so it fits inside the Fleshlight.

I would also like to see some type of suction device you can attach to your Fleshlight and have it create a greater suction feeling. A real vagina can actually pull out and pull in your cock so if they could make a Fleshlight that mimics that I would be a happy man.

I’m out of ideas but if you have your own Fleshlight predictions and ideas please share them in the comment section below! 🙂 Who are some of the porn stars or celebrites you would like to see Fleshlights made of? I made a Lady Gaga Fleshlight earlier this year myself lol.

Thanks, have a happy 2011!


  1. Fleshlight should make the deep thoat,snug humps,corkscrew ,and the octopus textures we need some new textures then the swallow,love humps, forbidden,and the octopus they should let the fans make some cause these are some good ideas

  2. They should bring back the discontinued fleshlight girls

  3. More colors!! All but one of the fleshlights are white!

    Some dark browns and blacks, darker than Misty’s caramel would be great. Come Fleshlight, diversify!

  4. More colors!! All but one of the fleshlights are white!

    Some dark browns and blacks, darker than Misty’s caramel would be great. Come on Fleshlight, diversify!

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